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21-Day Detox Journey to rewire fear-based programs

Blessed Cocreator,

Your life is about to change.. but don't take my word for it (skip to testimonials)

Take The 21-day Journey $199


48 Hour Sale

When you are ready, you can begin to shed your layers of fear which have accumulated over the years are are drawing towards you your experiences unconsciously. This 21-day journey will allow you to shed conscious light and unconditional love on the programs you've been playing so that you may begin to command the life you've always wanted without the past shadows causing pain.

It is truly a detox so get ready for great shifts and expansion!


The journey is a self-activated, On Demand, and you can begin any time.

Has stress become the norm for you?

You may be addicted to your fear-based emotions.

It's true! Our thought patterns release hormones and those hormones are felt as emotions. Over time, we expect these feelings (even if they are stress hormones!) as part of feeling "normal" and even become addicted to them. We get triggered by daily events (often viewing them as stressful) and lose our ability to choose how we respond due to the wired programs we are playing on default.

The real issue is, that fear-based emotions (dense emotions that keep us in the stress response and survival mode) are disruptive and actually shrink your energy field! You have less energy to focus on the things that bring you joy. Your Amygdala is hijacked and your body is just trying to survive. This can leave you exhausted, unmotivated, joyless, and increases the likelihood that you'll begin to play your responses as "programs" without even consciously realizing that you're doing so!

This incoherent energy pattern has real physical effects contributing to lack of energy, depression, and all sorts of symptoms of dis-ease. Your body isn't designed to sustain prolonged periods of stress! And both fortunately and unfortunately, Humans are able to co-create with our thoughts alone. Your body does not know the difference between what you think and feel is happening vs. what is actually happening.

What's worse is your unique energy signature (the vibrations you emit through your emotions) is what the Law of Attraction responds to, so you are calling forth more of the same probabilities and timelines of fear and stress through your electromagnetic energy field.

For more details on this extremely damaging cycle that so many find themselves in, watch the video below.

There is hope!

You can literally "detox" these layers of dense stress-based emotions and rewire your responses to new-loved based ones using self-directed biological transformation.

Lasting stress release through mindfulness and new choices can greatly be enhanced through the Anahata Codes Technology.

You can free up space within your energy matrix to hold new resonance signatures which will allow you to not only stop playing the harmful programs you're used to, but to leverage new freedom through Assisting Frequencies which will elevate every aspect of your life into a new reality.

The Digital 21-day Emotional Detox Program is called Really Sphere.

Because under your fear, you're really sphere. That is, whole, healed, healthy. It's your natural resonance. When you shed consciousness on your disruptive energy patterns and activate new vibrations, you are making choices that expand your Prana and free you from the shackles of chronic fear and the damage it causes.


If you're an Empath, you already have a clear picture of the many faces of fear (anxiety, worry, despair, greed, loneliness, anger, separation, and even lack) through the emotions of those around you. As an Empath, you may even fear these emotions since you know how disruptive they can be to your health and happiness.


Yes, Fear disrupts your heart coherence and affects your health and well being on all levels.


There are many ways to uncover your whole, healed, and healthy self (the you that's already there awaiting your pruning of fear). The 7 Tools of Restoration are great ways to REstore you to your true and vibrant self. The what? The 7 Tools of Restoration are woven throughout the 21-day detox.

Reflect, Release, Replenish,

Rewire, Reunite, Resonate, Rejoice

The 21 Day Really Sphere Detox will provide you with a life changing blend of Assisting Frequencies and insights to help you shed your fear-based vibrations and return to complete wholeness.


A potent weaving of all the restorative "RE's" will be present in the daily downloads (which includes an Assisting Frequency, a profound insight about the Assisting Frequency, and journaling opportunities).  


When you remove fear-based disruptions, and use Assisting Frequencies, you return to wholeness. Under your fear, you're really sphere!


How do I know? Here's the Really Sphere Story...

It was early 2014 and I was still healing from an abusive 10 year marriage which ended in divorce. I was grateful to have found a wonderful man who blessed me with a child. Suddenly, I was a busy Mom of four (he brought three bonus sons with him) and was the breadwinner of our household when the unthinkable happened. 


I was laid off.


This was icing on the pain cake because I had no desire to return to the type of work I was doing in corporate America. But that didn't stop the bills we had from coming. 

I had always been spiritual and was raised a Christian so the natural thing for me to do was to pray, but I took it a step further. 


I completely surrendered. 


I was broken at this pivotal moment in my life. It was sink or swim and I didn't want to do either. So I didn't.


I decided to float and let the Universe take me to my destiny.


I knew that God would take care of me, but I wanted more than that. I wanted to be guided to my soul purpose. The reason I am here on Earth. 


A hefty order with a deadline. Money was running out fast and the pressures mounting for me to find a passionless job in order to get by. I knew if I didn't find my life's mission now, it would have catastrophic consequences for not only me, but my loved ones. My life had been leading up to this moment. 

His Grace was instantaneous and perfect. Through a series of "coincidences" (Divine intervention) He lead me to Energy Medicine. It was all like remembering more than learning (it made complete sense and felt authentic) and the doors continued to open as I continued to Ask> Align> Allow.

I was feeling more vibrant, alive, happy, and healthy than I had in decades despite my circumstances (no job and no resources).


The affinity I had long had for facilitating healing with crystals was a natural paring with Emotional work I was doing and I began to recommend the assisting frequencies of crystals to my clients to enhance the healing. 


But the amount of crystals out there and their uses was overwhelming, not to mention pricey. It just wasn't a practical recommendation for my clients.


Still, I knew there was a missing piece to the puzzle which was about to unfold. And that's when it happened.

I had a profound download from Creator in which I was given the Anahata Codes: Assisting Frequencies which activate Resonance Remembrance for holistic health and ascension support. 

Nature resonates with perfection. We know this by the feeling we get in our hearts when we spend time in nature. 


Because everything is energy, and 99.9% of everything is empty space, the innate energy of nature itself is accessible even when you don't have access to the physical thing. Quantum physics is proving it is so. 


Things like crystals, totem animals, flower essences, plantary energies, essential oils, and trees have been used for centuries for their therapeutic qualities.

It was Divine Instruction to use the healing power of nature in a way our energy layers understand - numeric codes which deliver vibrational medicine through Resonance Remebrance.

And guess what happened?


I was continually blown away by the accuracy of what the body said it needed. In ways we didn't know we needed and then later understood, but in completely obvious ways as well. 


In a specific example, a client had listed 12 concerns and their body chose the assisting frequency of a crystal. We were both amazed at the innate healing qualities of the chosen crystal, it addressed 10 things on her list and many more she needed but hadn't voiced!


From a list of hundreds, her body had precisely located exactly what she needed in a matter of minutes. 


Over the next few months, I was given Divine insight as to how to ask for, accept, align with and hold the Anahata Codes as well as faciliate that for my clients. I am witnessing profound shifts for myself and everyone who tries it.


I realized that by asking for Assisting Frequencies to release fear-based vibrations specifically, it could be a pivotal way to faciliate self-healing. 


Siri on my iPhone (voice recognition) misunderstood "release fear" when I was explaining it to a friend, and I was left staring at the words "Really Sphere" which then instantly put the final piece of the puzzle in place for this new program. 

"During the Really Sphere 21-day detox program, I noticed many truths about myself, mostly realizing how much I had allowed “fears of all sorts” control and dominate my life, form my opinions and keep me feeling trapped and hopeless. Now I notice so much more self-confidence and a growing sense of awareness of my already whole, loved, and power being, just as I am." ~ Really Sphere Participant


"Praise to God for gifting Anahata with this precious and profound gift. It has brought life altering changes for me and my daughters. My heart is filled with gratitude and love for all. I am whole, redeemed and SPHERE!!! May the light of the Lord continue to shine down on us all."

~ Really Sphere Participant

 Your Energy Field Extends 15 feet in all directions around you. You Are Sphere!

Since then, thousands of people use the Anahata Codes, hundreds take classes, and dozens are Certified in the Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine.


But not everyone has time to learn how to find the specific Anahata Code(s) they're in need of most and do the required research on why they chose that Assisting Frequency and would prefer a ready to use daily plan. 

Just a few minutes per day for the next 21 days can transform your life.

Take the On Demand 21-Day Journey.

Why is accessing Assisting Frequencies so important?


  1. Fear (in all its forms) creates dis-ease, imbalance, and the false belief of separation and scarcity and Assisting Frequencies activate clarity, ease, grace, and alignment with Unconditional love (what you really are!)

  2. We can access higher frequencies in order to elevate away from the disruptive patterns co-creating pain.

  3. Our planet is going through an intense evolution and flowing with the changes is critical to our overall comfort levels. Our very DNA is changing and requires such support as we evolve.

  4. Transmuting fear-based vibrations returns you to your whole, healed, and healthy self. 

But here's the problem... 

  • All layers of your body need to be involved for lasting change (mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional) and few therapies address all layers simulaneously (if at all!).

  • The list of thousands of Anahata Codes can be overwhelming.

  • Most of us can't afford to get the amount of sessions our body needs to heal through a facilitator.

  • People need something quick and effective and don't have more than 15 minutes a day to spend on healing.

  • Releasing energetic disruptions is extraordinarily helpful, but unless you can hold higher frequencies, manifesting the same issues again is probable.

That's why I'm so excited to share with this turnkey program. In just a few minutes per day, you will release energetic disruptions, add Assisting Frequencies, rewire responses, end fear-based programs, silence harmful gene expression, and uncover your whole, healed, and healthy self. 

It's a comprehensive 21-day program complete with daily codes, insights, and opportunities to shift on all layers (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually) away from fear and towards love.

Let's take a look at what you get in this first-of-its-kind program:

21 Frequency Activations

When you join the 21 Day Challenge, you’ll be emailed an Anahata Code each day which, when installed into your energy field, will allow you to resonate with Love and drop Fear. Each Assisting Frequency articulates the innate goodness vibrationally of something else, delivering that intelligence to your heart for circulation. The Anahata Code of the day during each of the 21 days will either be a crystal, flower essence, tree, planetary energy, meridian flow, chakra flow, essential oil, emotion flow, Solfeggio frequency or totem Assisting Frequency.

Profound Daily Insights

In addition to the daily Assisting Frequency, you’ll receive information about the Assisting Frequency in order for you to embrace change on all levels including mental. You’ll understand how that vibration connects you to love and releases fear. Intention is a powerful catalyst and daily lessons will help you to fully understand and put to use profound daily insights which will form new habits and rewire responses. 

Journaling Supplementation (Optional)

You’ll have the opportunity to answer some questions after reading the “Daily Download” lesson in a personal daily journaling activity. This is optional, and the actual reading and installing of the Assisting Frequency takes just 5 - 15 minutes of your time. Journaling is a well-known way to release and rewire and it supports the 21 Day Challenge perfectly.

Daily Sutra Recording (Optional)

You’ll have access to daily recordings which affirm the Sutra of the day (positive reinforcement of the lesson through an empowerment mantra).

Entry Into the Really Sphere Community (Optional)

An Assisting Frequency and corresponding lesson takes just 5 minutes of your time but it can shift your reality over 21 Days to remove Fear on all levels and step into your true essences – Love. During your transformation, it is helpful to interact with others experiencing the same thing. You're life is never going to be the same. That kind of shift is best experienced by support from others.

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PLUS! You'll have access to the journey as often as you'd like to take it. Each time, you can focus on another area which needs balancing.

Sounds great! I want in! 

Here are some of the RESULTS you can expect during and after taking the 21 Day Really Sphere Detox Journey:

A new sense of self which reflects your true essence vs. the layers of disruptions which used to define you.
The feeling of support and love from the Really Sphere Community and the Assisting Frequencies themselves.
Entrainment to flow gracefully with the ever-changing energy on Gaia.
Tips and tricks for mental clarity to reflect on and rewire situations for lasting change. 
The feeling of being lighter, more joyful, optimistic, and content.
Mental, Emotional, Spiritual support to manifest lasting physcial changes.
New habits and responses to fear-based situations and vibrations.
The release and cleansing of past baggage and garbage.

When you claim your place in the 21 Day Really Sphere Challenge, you join a community of people also taking the challenge. The facebook group allows you to leverage the additional insights of the group and share stories and daily experiences along the journey.  

"Anahata Codes are amazing. Very potent. I don't know how you receive them, but it is such a simple and phenomenal process. The stones are very peaceful like a balm, smoothing on a deep level...then I asked for, the plant and animal totem and received additional support."


~ Vicky

I know I need this! I'm in! 

So Anahata, what's my investment for this one-of-a-kind program where I'll get step-by-step support in releasing my fear-based vibrations PLUS access to a community of others taking the challenge, AND free information on how to continue using the Assisting Frequencies to usher in lasting changes in your life.

When I set out to make a decision regarding the investment of this program, after considering the value of everything included AND (more importantly) the value of the results that are possible when you take the 21 Day Really Sphere Challenge...


... the number that I finally arrived at was $299. But I ended up settling on just $199.


Now, the program is certainly worth this amount. Remember, you'll now have access to the precise frequencies your body needs to shed fear-based vibrations and flow with grace and ease, and you'll be connected to a community of people doing the same...


... Not to mention most energy healing sessions are more than $55 each, and you get 21 in the program!


And when I think of this, truly, my heart is filled with joy. Because I know amazing results are possible for soooo many deserving souls when they make a decision to step fully into their power and uncover their whole, healed, and healthy self and embrace a new reality.


That's why for a few days only, the investment for the 21 Day Really Sphere Detox Journey has been reduced to:


just $44

(yes, total)


And you get 21 days of limitless transformation!

Here's a Daily Download so you can experience a day in the Really Sphere journey. There are 20 others, each with profound lessons and assistance to release fear from all layers of your being (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual). And don't forget about the Facebook forum where you can go deeper into each day as your time and interests dictate.

Sample - Day 5

More Praise for the Really Sphere Detox

"During the Really Sphere transformation, my heart opened more and I’m in tune with my intuition. It’s like I was awakened!"


"During the Really Sphere Challenge, I noticed many truths about myself, mostly realizing how much I had allowed “fears of all sorts” control and dominate my life, form my opinions and keep me feeling trapped and hopeless. Now I notice so much more self-confidence and a growing sense of awareness of my already whole, loved, and power being, just as I am."


"The Really Sphere challenge was great because I learned about different types of frequencies, what different frequencies do to balance the four bodies, and I loved the integration of the frequencies, at all levels. Thank you, Anahata!"


"With the Really Sphere challenge, what I noticed the most was the joyful, gentle, persistent impact."


"The ability to learn each day about an assisting frequency and to feel it download into my energy field. I am grateful to have the Anahata Codes."


"The Really Sphere program allowed me to look deeper into what fear does to me mentally and physically, looking it in the face and letting it go, for good!"


"It was easy to make time for...but so powerful!"


"Really Sphere facilitated change within myself, allowing me to find peace in stressful times."


"What I noticed the most is how relaxed and peaceful my day would begin when I did it upon awakening."


"I am so happy that you, Anahata, are in tune with and listening to your calling and purpose in life and shared this gift with me and humanity. I believe that I will be discovering my true self and purpose through becoming Really Sphere by releasing fears! You are loved!"


"Praise to God for gifting Anahata with this precious and profound gift. It has brought life altering changes for me and my daughters. My heart is filled with gratitude and love for all. I am whole, redeemed and SPHERE!!! May the light of the Lord continue to shine down on us all."


"I love this work and it resonates with me. I believe the Anahata Codes make so much sense. I know they come from Heavenly Father to help his children. I am very grateful to you for your willingness to be the conduit to bring these frequencies into the lives of all who will listen."


"I am beginning to feel more empowered after years of feeling unsafe!

What are you waiting for?


One payment of $44

If you've read this far, you are more than ready to take the 21 Day Really Sphere Detox Journey. I invite you to cast off your first shackle of fear and jump in. You have nothing to lose but the fear which as been commanding an alternate reality to the one you desire. 21 days of balancing vibrations, support, and insights are ready to activate.


What will your vibrational asking be in just 21 days?!


Remember, you are here, you are loved.


Blessings Be!

Anahata is not a doctor. Anahata Codes do not diagnose, correct or treat anything, and they are not a substitute for medical care. Spontaneous healing is unexplained in medical terms.



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