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We live in a fast-paced world filled with opinions as to what we should and shouldn't do for a living. We are funneled through School and on to the most logical position often without considering our FULfillment. Joy and purpose in our 9 to 5 has been exchanged for security and the reasons we ventured into our profession in the first place often unrecognizable.

It's rare you'll find someone overjoyed to be going to "work" each day and yet, we grudgingly do so just to get by. 

Is your living any way to be living? You aren't here to get by, you are here to flourish.

There is a path to your Bliss Biz. 

A reality where you are not only delivering what you came here to deliver, but where you are receiving in abundant exchange for it!

The "starving artist" cloak that shrouds lightworkers is coming off. It doesn't match (and has been discordant to) the inner light of the transformation catalysts rising within our beautiful planet. Part of the fear tactics clouding our memory.  

Join Anahata as she explains The 3 Steps to Living Your Bliss Biz so that you can take them.

2018 can be the year in which you finally LIVE YOUR BLISS!

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During this LIVE workshop Anahata will:​​

  • Share the 3 Steps to Living Your Bliss Biz so you can take them!

  • Explain where so many struggling HEARTpreneurs get off track

  • Teach you how to tap into your Medicine (the purpose you came here to birth!)

  • Show you how to Monetize your gifts in a scalable and limitless way that matches your expansive light

  • Invite you to apply for an exclusive 6-month business coaching immersion program called Vishuddha Mastery which starts soon!

Whether you're struggling with delivering what you know is your Medicine, or you haven't yet found it, this call is for you.

The clarity gained during this talk will illuminate the tangible steps you can take to finally embark upon the path of least resistance towards the destination you have sensed exists vibrationally of living your bliss biz. The gap is about to close. It's time to realize your destiny and then watch it materialize in accordance to Divine Plan and Laws of the Universe.

What does living your bliss biz mean?

  • Not working hard

  • Inspired action from BEing not doing

  • Flowing WITH the Universe

  • Honoring the cycles of learning, incubation, creation and transformation so they work for you, not against you

  • Making an abundant amount of money in exchange for your gifts (PS - if money triggers you, we work through that too!)

  • Helping people through pivotal transformation and leading the way to the new 

  • Truly making a difference in this world and living your Divine Purpose... fully supported

  • Ever-expanding into new territory as your body of work unfolds and the people you touch transform

  • Co-creating your own Economy - live wherever you want and experience life to the fullest and on your terms

Let us rejoice in our awakening. The gifts which pour forth are meant for so many. It's time to deliver those gifts you are blessed with (and perhaps even forgotten) to the world which awaits and needs your Medicine. The urgency is real. Your importance pivotal.



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