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7-day Accelerator and Actuator:

For Joy and Genius


Includes a signed copy of my new book Your Mess into Medicine Journal (part of the journey!). 

*Free shipping USA (International extra)


Ready to tend your garden, choose an Autotelic lifestyle, and tap into your Potent Purpose? Join the For Joy and Genius Actuator

5-minute audios delivered daily over the course of 1 month or  6 months (you choose) in order to truly embody a new way of living. Learn to think in new ways that build new habits that are aligned with your vision (which is your Soul Path). Whether you want to resolve a health issue, magnetize your Soulmate, or just be fulfilled and happy day-to-day, this journey will support you from thoughts to reality. We will uncover your Potent Purpose and actuate that reality into physicality. The Actuator is fully described in this short audio. Click one of two buttons when you're ready to register. All 6-month registrations received before 2020 will include a bonus Actuator Session with me (Anahata). Can't decide if you can commit to a full six months? Try one month for $99

BONUS: All 3 options include a signed copy of my new book Your Mess into Medicine Journal (part of hte journey). International shipping is not included.

InvitationAbout Actuator
00:00 / 17:19

Looking for the 7-Day Accelerator for a taste of what we'll be doing? Scroll below this enrollment area.

7-day Accelerator: For Joy and Genius


Lesson OneBe Present
00:00 / 10:04

Lesson One: Be Present (How to end all pain). Part One of the 7-Day Accelerator: For Joy and Genius, the first lesson is all about centering in the Eternal Now moment in order to end the fragmentation (and pain) which occurs when we pull the past into the now or project into the future. Being present and mindful is your place of power.

Lesson TwoFlip the Resistance
00:00 / 11:26

Lesson Two: Flip the Resistance (Transmute your obstacles into opportunities). Don't like something in your life? Edit your thoughts about it in order to Magnetize what you want more of. Resisting or pushing against only confirms that reality. Day two of our 7-Day Accelerator: For Joy and Genius invites you to Flip the Resistance by assigning new meaning to the things which are currently causing you pain. When you do, they will integrate and cease to remain active (you will no longer experience them). I'll show you how.

Lesson ThreeAll About Flow
00:00 / 13:24

Lesson Three: All About Flow (Harmonious flow and optimal experience awaits). When we are in a state of flow we are present, beyond the self and limitless. Join me as I explain what makes an experience optimal in order to choose to ride the wave of satisfaction which comes from being fully present, grateful, engaged, challenged, and yet, capable. Learn to unlock an Autotelic lifestyle which gives way to your Joy and Genius. This is part 3 of a 7 part series.

Lesson FourCalling Forth Your Genius
00:00 / 09:02

Lesson Four: Calling Forth Your Genius (Tap into superconscious). Today we go beyond the fear-based responses of the EGO mind (Subconscious) and all its validation of what "is" into the part of you that is tapped into all that ever could be. When we can understand the nature of our "3 minds" we can choose with our Consciousness what to manifest physicality and express our Divine Intelligence from the Superconscious which is our Potent Purpose. Today I explain what the Superconscious is and why it holds the key to calling forth our Genius.

Lesson FivePotent Purpose
00:00 / 09:53

Lesson Five: Cultivating your Potent Purpose (through Unification). Today we explore one word which has the power to Unify ALL into cultivation of your Potent Purpose and living a life you love. In this segment (five of seven), I teach you about 7 ways to optimize your experience by supporting your physical body. When we have more energy, we can extend past ourselves and the False Evidence Appearing Real (Fear) which was keeping us distracted by having us dwell on the past and becoming anxious for the future. The world is not happening to you, it's happening through you. Get ahead of the illusion and BE it to see it. It's my honor to show you how.

Lesson SixActivate Resonance
00:00 / 10:58

Lesson Six: Activate Resonance Remembrance (an Autoletic Lifestyle). During day 6 of our Blessed journey For Joy and Genius, I introduce you to a way to Unify and live an Autotelic life of bliss, and clarity where you are able to easily shift the meaning of obstacles into benefits, and embody on a vibrational level the "change" you seek to experience through Resonance Remembrance. The Anahata Codes is the Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine and I introduce them to you briefly during this episode. They support our quest to uncover our Potent Purpose and live a fulfilling life due to their ability to unify beyond your self and into unlimited potential vibrationally.

Lesson SevenSuccess Habits
00:00 / 14:03

Lesson Seven: Success Habits (What if you're already there?). If all pain and suffering is the wishing for something to be other than it is, it will be critical to be okay with the now while editing your outdated responses which had a role in manifesting what is. One way to do so is to be fully aware that your response to what IS will be what will come. In this episode, I bring home your total empowerment through realizing you have access to whatever you decide you have access to and sharing with you the steps to make this all work for you. You're already creating by default, but when you can do so consciously, what you impress on your subconscious becomes what is expressed physically. You become a true Autoletic Alchemist and an open vessel for your Potent Purpose and Divine Genius.

God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will facilitate for others. The new world is being birthed through you and I am grateful!



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