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Anahata Codes Webinar

Learn How to pull into physicality your desires for health, fulfillment and abundance

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Do you understand that you are a powerful co-creator but still seem to be lacking the ability to manifest total wellness physically, financially, or socially? 

"What would your life be like if you consciously designed ever aspect? What would the most perfect reality you can envision be? And why does it seem so hard to get there? If indeed we are powerful co-creators living in a self-made reality, why is there so much pain and suffering? Why is it so hard to get what we want?" ~ Anahata


Join me for the upcoming webinar (you choose) where we explore these questions and the solutions:


Monday February 22nd at Noon MST (Mountain)

Wednesday February 24th at 7pm MST (Mountain)


What's this all about? Please attend to find out... but in a nutshell:


I've discovered an amazing way to manifest your desires using the 7 main Chakras, the 7 keys to manifestation, and the 7 tools to restoration. A powerful process is fully disclosed in this first-of-its-kind webinar.


You'll receive The 7 Keys to Manifestation Guide as a thank you for attending and a special invitation to join Anahata on a 21 Day Manifestation journey to put the tools from the webinar in action. 

The 7 Keys to Manifestation Webinar dives into the ancient truths of the Chakras related to manifestation, introduces the 7 tools of Restoration and explains the 7 Keys to Manifestation which have long been known and shared in books like "the secret". Then, I'll tie it all together into a cohesive and powerful way to manifest. 


Why is this new?


We live in a world of polarity, at the same moment you wish for something, the opposite is present and is often times a powerful block. Most manifestation techniques focus soley on the step of manifestation and ignore the areas which need attention energetically such as release of blocks and rewiring of responses.


Are you ready to uncover your true power and use it to co-create your best life?

Save the above details and login/ call in on Feb. 19th



FREE Webinar Training
“The 7 Keys to Manifestation - How to draw peace, health, love, and wealth into physicality with grace and gratitude”


Here’s just a peek at what I’ll be covering in this ground-breaking webinar:

  • The truth about waves and particles

  • The power of your Chakra system to pull unmanifest into manifest

  • The 7 Keys of Manifestation

  • The tools you need to restore yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in order to manifest desires and not fears

  • How to use this knowledge to manifest with grace and gratitude


Are you ready to harness your true power and embrace your best life?


All attendees will receive The 7 Keys to Manifestation Guide and a special invitation to join an exclusive program lead by Anahata to put this knowledge into full effect.


Remember, you are here, you are loved,

P.S. We usually desire something because we don't have it. We want to change something because we don't like the way it affects us currently. This means you already have dense energy being drawn to the issue you want to change so you not only have to level the energetic playing field, you need to swing it into the positive. This requires effort and is why just because you "want" something, doesn't mean it happens. 


P.P.S. I can show you how to not only release the blocks preventing you from manifesting your desires, but teach you how to pull into physicality your desires without the powerful energies of the opposite. 



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