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All healing is self-healing...

Whether you are scheduled for surgery, are prescribed medication, or are really into holistic and alternative methods, all healing is self-healing. The body and its exquisite programming, through the Grace of God, is what ends up healing itself... or doesn't. 

In fact, the word healing and Holy have their roots in the meaning "memory of wholeness".

How we get back into balance is as infinitely unique as our physical features and as dynamic as the blend of dis-ease which manifested our symptoms in the first place. And, while it can be frustrating and even overwhelming in a specialized world where we leave our health to Doctors and Practitioners who are trained to fit you into a textbook scenario, there are tools which are readily available to help you regain balance and vibrancy. Better yet, maintain it in the first place!

Join Anahata as she teaches The 7 Tools of Restoration - a holistic approach to activating healing responses through the use of restorative tools which will align you with your whole, healed, and higher self. 

Some of the information Anahata shares in the course:

  • The vibrational world in which we live

  • How to access Assisting Frequencies for holistic health and ascension support

  • Our dynamic healing systems and how to to keep them online

  • The 7 Tools of Restoration (what they are and how to activate healing responses using them)

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The 7 Tools of Restoration


90 minutes

Slideshow presentation, audio, and handouts

Anahata (Channel for Anahata Codes at



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