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The key to manifesting what you desire?

​Feel it as if it is so, before it arrives.

That's both good news and bad when we consider that as humans what we think is happening, actually happens biologically. It's our response to our environment which activates our dynamic gene expression and ultimately, what shows up in our lives.

The thing we don't always consider?

Even if we're 100% consciously "on board" with what we want, our subconscious is still running programs on default at a rate of about 9 to 1. 

This means, the limiting programs and beliefs we have are playing on the background without our conscious endorsement!

You can be in the right frame of mind and consciously attracting:

  • Better health

  • More time freedom

  • Greater abundance

  • Meaningful relationships

  • Fulfilling purpose

  • Deep joy

And yet...

Your default programs are keeping you a mismatch to the future you are asking for with your conscious mind and focus.

This is because our subconscious is 95% of how we think as humans. It's not your "fault" it's your biology. 

Empower yourself to transform by downloading this FREE MP3 which will remap your subconscious to align WITH your goals and activate a powerful Assisting Frequency from the Anahata Codes called "Alchemy".

HOW DOES IT WORK? This Sound Activation will reach your subconscious through the Theta Wave length which provides access to remap your default programs to align WITH your desires rather than in opposition to them.


Watch the below video and take a free training on this at

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Download The Sacred Sound Activation for "Alchemy"

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Awaken your inner Alchemist!

Transform any aspect of your life by getting all of you on board...

Today I invite you to take a HUGE step forward in aligning with the YOU that you need to become in order to EXPERIENCE your desires in physicality.

Download the Sacred Sound Activation to:

  • Activate the Assisting Frequency of "Alchemy" (When you change the energy, you change the manifestation of the mass")

  • Remap outdated subconscious patterns which are keeping you small, doubtful, in victimhood, and otherwise disempowered

  • Awaken your inner Alchemist to transform any aspect of your life by getting all of you on board

Fill out the form above and choose to Allow in the Now!



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