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Are you ready to step into your true power?

Dear powerful co-creator,


Something amazing is about to happen...

Get the tool $66

On April 1st, 2016, a community of people are going to be guided on a 21 day journey to manifest their deepest desires by consciously aligning with their Source Points. Whether it be for health, peace, wealth, or love, when you join the program you'll learn how to align with your Source Point to consciously co-create. You'll be given powerful tools along with Assisting Frequencies to shape the unlimited possibilities into physicality.


Will you be among them? Claim your spot today.


The tool can be used again and again for as long as you have desires to fulfill! The 21 Day Manifestation cycle can be repeated with new focus depending upon your needs at no additional cost.

If you missed the webinar I hosted about the program, you can listen to it here. You'll be learning more about how the program will allow you to use the power of your Source Point through your chakras and combined with powerful mechanisms designed to remove blocks and open you up to the powerful co-creator which you already are!


Fear distrupts your heart coherance and affects your health and well being on all levels. It stops the flow of your desires by sending the wrong information out the Universe. You are already broadcasting from your Source Point, so it's time to consciously do so in order to manifest what you desire and not what you don't.


There are many ways to uncover your true self, the self which effortlessly manifests abundance innately. You'll learn how to use the 7 tools of restoration to restore your full-power and frame your limitless potential to manifest anything you wish using the power of your Source Point.

Reflect, Release, Replenish,

Rewire, Reunite, Resonate, Rejoice

The 21 Day Manifestation Cycle will provide you with a life changing blend of Assisting Frequencies and insights to help you learn to pull anything from potential into the physical plane using your Source Point.


A potent weaving of all the 7 resources of restoration and how to use them with your Chakras will be present in the daily downloads. Guided meditations, Assisting Frequencies, and profound insights about the Assisting Frequency, and journaling opportunities round out the experience.  


You can use your connection to all things to manifest anything you wish. And if that thing already exists, you pull it into your reality.


How do I know? Here's how the information was Divinely disclosed to me...

It was early 2014 and I was still healing from an abusive 10 year marriage which ended in divorce. I was grateful to have found a wonderful man who blessed me with my first child. Suddenly, I was a busy Mom of four (he brought three bonus sons with him) and was the breadwinner of our household when the unthinkable happened. 


I was laid off.


This was icing on the cake of major life changes because I had no desire to return to the type of work I was doing in corporate America. But that didn't stop the bills we had from coming. 

I had always been spiritual and was raised a Christian so the natural thing for me to do was to pray, but I took it a step further. 


I completely surrendered. 


I was broken at this pivotal moment in my life. It was sink or swim and I didn't want to do either. So I didn't.


I decided to float and let the Universe take me to my destiny.


I knew that God would take care of me, but I wanted more than that. I wanted to be guided to my soul purpose. The reason I am here on Earth. 


A hefty order with a deadline. Money was running out fast and the pressures mounting for me to find a passionless job in order to get by. I knew if I didn't find my life's mission now, it would have catastrophic consequences for not only me, but my loved ones. My life had been leading up to this moment. 

His Grace was instantaneous and perfect. Through a series of "coincidences" (Divine intervention) He lead me to The Emotion Code, a book by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It was all like remembering more than learning (it made complete sense and felt authentic) and the doors continued to open as I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and began practicing at a local Wellness Center.


The affinity I had long had for facilitating healing with crystals was a natural paring with The Emotion Code and I began to recommend the assisting frequencies of crystals to my clients to enhance the healing. 


But the amount of crystals out there and their uses was overwhelming, not to mention pricey. It just wasn't a practical recommendation for my clients.


Still, I knew there was a missing piece to the puzzle which was about to unfold. And that's when it happened.

I had a profound download from the Creator in which I was given the Anahata Codes: Assisting Frequencies which resonate with the vibrations we are in need of for holistic health and ascension support. 

Nature resonates with perfection. We know this by the feeling we get in our hearts when we spend time in nature. 


Because everything is energy, and 99.9% of everything is empty space, the innate energy of nature itself is accessible even when you don't have access to the physical thing. Quantum physics is proving it is so. 


Things like crystals, totem animals, flower essences, plantary energies, essential oils, and trees have been used for centuries for their therapeutic qualities.

It was Divine Instruction to use the healing power of nature in a way our energy layers understand - numeric codes which deliver vibrational medicine.

And guess what happened?


I've been using Assisting Frequencies fro the past year for myself, clients, and loved ones. The changes I am witnessing could be considered miralces, but I believe miracles are just healing responses we don't yet have scientific replication abilities for. 


My life has completely changed in just one year and I now teach many courses on how to use the Assisting Frequencies I call Anahata Codes.


The side-effect of using Assisting Frequencies has been a tremendous shift away from fear in all its forms (doubt, uncertainty, anger, helplessness), and towards love in all itsl forms (trust, surrender, inner peace, and compassion). My intuition has soared and my ability to manifest is powerful.


And everyone can do this too!


While in meditation, I discovered the mechanics of the Chakra system as it relates to pulling the unmanifest into the manifest and I paired it with my knowledge about restoration and the proven keys to manifestation and bam! A powerful tool has emerged with the power to transform lives forever.



Most people have heard of the laws of manifestation and work hard to cultivate the life they want, but the large majority of the population doesn't realize that you don't just manifest what you're consciously focused on. Manifestation is an ever-flowing and constant looping steming from each and every experience, thought and feeling you have. Our blocks, fears, and doubts are manifested along with our energy for our hopes and dreams leaving most of us with unfufilled desires and wishes.


When you can reflect, release, replenish, rewire, reunite, resonate and rejoice while you affirm, vizualize, and believe with gratitude, you step into your true power and through the Source Point and an unblocked chakra system, your desires materialize.


What is your Source Point? It's physically located in the center of your heart chakra. It's the one point which connects you to Creator and all that ever is and will be. It's your true self, the essence of your being. It's already perfect and guiding you to your best path and highest calling.

Here's what a few people had to say about Anahata's other 21 Day program: Really Sphere...

"I just want to tip my hat to you. I am AMAZED at how wisdom-filled these Anahata Codes are, you are truly tapped into divine wisdom. It's only day 5 but I'm blown away by what I'm reading and experiencing, this truly is a gift from God. You were prepared and ready to be the instrument/vessel to receive this!! I just want to say THANK YOU!!" – Christine A.


"Praise to God for gifting Anahata with this precious and profound gift. It has brought life altering changes for me and my daughters. My heart is filled with gratitude and love for all. I am whole, redeemed and SPHERE!!! May the light of the Lord continue to shine down on us all." - Bobbi F.


"This experience has been an amazing assistance to my ability to change my life. I love the help these assisting frequencies give. This is a wonderful technique. Thanks Anahata. ~ Bonnie P.

You are 99.9999% empty space. The majority of all is filled with limitless potential awaiting your instruction on what manifests. And you are broadcasting from your Source Point (either consciously or unconsciously)

And the Source Point Manifestation tool is not just for material abundance, you can focus on health, love, peace, and purpose. Virtually any desire you have can be the focus of your journey.

Learn how to broadcast from your Source Point consciously. It begins on April 1st, 2016.


There are other manifestation tools with similar mechanisms, but they do not pair Assisting Frequencies to release blocks and the profound insights they have for forming new love-based responses.

Why is accessing Assisting Frequencies in conjunction with other known manifestation frameworks so powerful?


  1. Fear (in all its forms) creates dis-ease, imbalance, and the false belief of separation and scarcity and Assisting Frequencies add high vibrations to your energy field and low level ones get pushed out.

  2. We need access to higher frequencies in order to snap out of the limitations we currently accept.

  3. Our planet is going through an intense evolution and flowing with the changes is critical to our overall comfort levels. Our very DNA is changing and requires such support as we return to our true and powerful selves.

  4. Adding Assisting Frequencies deliver the intelligence you need to finally release fully and embrace your powers with gratitude and grace.

And that's where other methods fall short... 

  • All layers of your body need to be involved for lasting change (mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional) and few manifestation techniques address all layers simulaneously (if at all!).

  • People usually seek something quick and effective and don't have more than 15 minutes a day to spend on healing.

  • They may have good intentions, but don't make it a habit and end up getting frustrated and quitting before their desired results appear, thereby closing the doors by adding fear into the mix.

  • Releasing energetic disruptions is extraordinarily helpful, but unless you can hold higher frequencies, manifesting the same lack and issues again is probable (all the while wondering "why can't I can't get what I want!?").

That's why I'm so excited to share with you my brand-new, turnkey manifestation tool. In just minutes a day, you will add Assisting Frequencies, release energetic disruptions, rewire responses, build your vital energy, and uncover your full abilities to co-create the life you've always wanted.

It's a comprehensive 21 day program complete with daily frequencies, insights, guided meditations, and opportunities to shift on all layers (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually) away from fear and towards love.


This is how you'll end up manifesting what you desire, instead of what you don't.

Let's take a look at what you get in this first-of-its-kind program:

21 Frequency Activations

When you join the 21 Day Manifest X Transformation, beginning on April 1st you'll be given an Assisting Frequency each day to install into your energy field. Each Assisting Frequency 

articulates the innate goodness vibrationally of something else which already is used to consciously manifest, delivering that intelligence to your heart for circulation. Every one of your trillions of cells is programmed to find homeostatis. The Anahata Code of the day during each of the 21 days will assist you in restoration so that only your desires are manifested. There are 13 categories of Assisting Frequency including things like crystals, flower essences, tree energies, planetary energy, meridian flow support, chakra flow support, essential oil, emotion flow, Solfeggio frequencies and totem animal medicine. 

Profound Daily Insights

In addition to the daily Assisting Frequency, you’ll receive information about the Assisting Frequency in order for you to embrace change on all levels including mental. You’ll understand how that vibration allows you to release blocks and step into your power to manifest the positive. Intention is a powerful catalyst and daily lessons will help you to fully understand and put to use profound daily insights which will form new habits and rewire responses. 

Guided Meditation

Guided meditations will support you in embrancing the tools and vibrations needed to manifest your desires.

Journaling Supplementation (Optional)

You’ll have the opportunity to answer some questions after reading the “Daily Download” lesson in a personal daily journaling activity. This is optional, and the actual reading and installing of the Assisting Frequency takes just 5 - 15 minutes of your time. Journaling is a well-known way to focus and visualize while releasing and building new responses and it supports the 21 Day Manifest X perfectly.

Entry Into the Manifest X Community (Optional)

An Assisting Frequency and corresponding lesson takes just minutes of your time but it can shift your reality over 21 Days to remove Fear on all levels and step into your true essences – Love in order to manifest only positive. During your transformation, it is helpful to interact with others experiencing the same thing. You're life is never going to be the same. That kind of shift is best experienced by support from others. And remember, you can take the journey over and over again with new goals and desires in mind.

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PLUS! A free webinar will commence after the 21 day challenge to show you how to to continue using the 21 manifestation assisting frequencies to charge water, oil, or crystals allowing your body to resonate and receive ongiong support for as long as you need it!

Sounds great! I want in! 

Here are some of the RESULTS you can expect during and after taking using the Manifest X tool:

A new sense of power which reflects your true essence vs. the layers of disruptions which used to manifest your reality.
A feeling of support and love from the Manifest X Community and the Assisting Frequencies themselves.
Entrainment to flow gracefully with the ever-changing energy on Earth and the ability to manifest with grace and gratitude.
Tips and tricks for mental clarity to reflect on and rewire situations for conscious co-creation of things you want versus the things you don't. 
The feeling of being lighter, more joyful, optimistic, and content.
Mental, Emotional, Spiritual support to manifest lasting physical changes and unlimited abundance and wealth in all forms. 
New habits and responses to fear-based situations and vibrations so that they don't affect your wellbeing or your ability to manifest.
The release and cleansing of past baggage and low-level vibrations currently blocking you from the abundance you deserve.

"The thing about matter is that it really is quite rare. In fact, we live in a world that is 99.999% empty space. A field of unlimited possibilities awaiting your instructions, both good and bad, both conscious and unconconcious. If you do not awake to your power, you have no less power, just no focus or control. Life happens to you instead of through you. Is it time to take your power back?"


~ Anahata

When you claim your place in the 21 Day Manifest X Transformation, you join a community of people also taking the challenge. The facebook group allows you to leverage the additional insights of the group and share stories and daily experiences along the journey.  

I know I need this! I'm in! 

So Anahata, what's my investment for this one-of-a-kind program where I'll get step-by-step support and Manifestation tools PLUS access to a community of others joining the transformation, PLUS I can use the tool forever to continue using the Assisting Frequencies to co-create the life of my dreams physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally?

When I set out to make a decision regarding the investment of this program, after considering the value of everything included AND (more importantly) the value of the results that are possible when you apply the knowledge you'll have access to...


... the number that I finally arrived at was $299. Don't worry, you aren't going to pay even close to this amount. Keep reading. 


Now, the program is certainly worth this amount. Remember, you'll now have access to the precise frequencies your body needs to manifest with grace and ease, and you'll be connected to a community of people doing the same...


... Not to mention most energy healing sessions are more than $55 each, and you get 21 in the program!


And when I think of this my heart is filled with joy. Because I know amazing results are possible for soooo many deserving souls when they make a decision to step fully into their power and embrace a new reality.


That's why I decided to make the investment for the 21 Day Manifest X Transformation:


just $66

(yes, total)


And you get 21 days of transformation and a tool you can use forever.

If you're already aware of the power your chakras hold, you'll want to check out this limited quantity offer to enhance your experience and results. 

Using Chakras to manifest is a cornerstone of the Anahata Manifest X tool. Physical crystals are a wonderful way to power-up your ability to manifest. There is a limited number of Anahata Chakra Crystal Sets which are to be used during the 21 Day Manifest X Transformation. The innate qualities of each of the seven crystals were chosen for their manifesting capabilities. They were also programmed by Anahata to maximize their ability to help you manifest your desires.
Hurry though, there are only five total sets available.

You get the Manifest X Transformation & a complete Crystal Chakra Set programmed by Anahata!

Limited Quantity Offer...

This is the first ever Manifest X Transformation, but not the first 21 Day Program which Anahata offers. Here's what others have said about the 21 day Really Sphere Challenge designed to release fear in all its forms.


“I wish I could tell you in words how I am feeling each day. The best way is to say, that I feel like the false layers that have been a part of me for such a long time are falling away and that I'm able to see who I really am more clearly and feel God's love for me even more abundantly.” Christine O.


"During the Really Sphere transformation, my heart opened more and I’m in tune with my intuition. It’s like I was awakened!"


"During the Really Sphere Challenge, I noticed many truths about myself, mostly realizing how much I had allowed “fears of all sorts” control and dominate my life, form my opinions and keep me feeling trapped and hopeless. Now I notice so much more self-confidence and a growing sense of awareness of my already whole, loved, and power being, just as I am."


"The Really Sphere challenge was great because I learned about different types of frequencies, what different frequencies do to balance the four bodies, and I loved the integration of the frequencies, at all levels. Thank you, Anahata!"


"With the Really Sphere challenge, what I noticed the most was the joyful, gentle, persistent impact."


"The ability to learn each day about an assisting frequency and to feel it download into my energy field. I am grateful to have the Anahata Codes."


"The Really Sphere program allowed me to look deeper into what fear does to me mentally and physically, looking it in the face and letting it go, for good!"


"It was easy to make time for...but so powerful!"


"Really Sphere facilitated change within myself, allowing me to find peace in stressful times."


"What I noticed the most is how relaxed and peaceful my day would begin when I did it upon awakening."


"I am so happy that you, Anahata, are in tune with and listening to your calling and purpose in life and shared this gift with me and humanity. I believe that I will be discovering my true self and purpose through becoming Really Sphere by releasing fears! You are loved!"


"Praise to God for gifting Anahata with this precious and profound gift. It has brought life altering changes for me and my daughters. My heart is filled with gratitude and love for all. I am whole, redeemed and SPHERE!!! May the light of the Lord continue to shine down on us all."


"I love this work and it resonates with me. I believe the Anahata Codes make so much sense. I know they come from Heavenly Father to help his children. I am very grateful to you for your willingness to be the conduit to bring these frequencies into the lives of all who will listen."


"I am beginning to feel more empowered after years of feeling unsafe!

Praise for the Really Sphere Program


What are you waiting for?

One payment of $66


If you've read this far, you are more than ready to learn how to use the Anahata Manifest X tool. I invite you to cast off your first shackle of doubt and take back your power. You have nothing to lose and 21 days of balancing vibrations, support, and insights so that you can manifest each one of your desires gracefully and with gratitude to gain.


Will 2016 be the year your health, wealth, love and happiness is abundant?


Remember, you are here, you are loved.


Blessings Be!

Yada yada, legal mumbo jumbo I have to write. Anahata is not a doctor. Anahata Codes do not diagnose, correct or treat anything, and they are not a substitute for medical care. Spontaneous healing is unexplainable in medical terms and the codes most likely have nothing to do with your healing or well-being. It must all be in that sweet little your head of yours.



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