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It's about the Journey

Are you Consciously Co-creating Yours?

The Universe does not give you what you ask for. It gives you what you are vibrationally aligned with. This is vibrational law. If you want to change something, you must stop focusing on it and instead, become the vibrations which align with the things you want. Ghandi was right, we should each strive to be the change we seek in the world, but beyond that, to manifest what you desire physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we must:

Be the Vibrations You Want to Experience!

Our mind body is dynamic. Every thought and feeling we have vibrates at a specific frequency calling more of the same to it. We are vibrational beings experiencing matter through our senses but the truth is, the matter being created is from pure potential and is manifested in part, by your reaction to each and every moment in time (at least the ones having to do with your reality). And, in our ego-based worlds, your own perspective is what you experience day by day, year by year. It's time to take ownership of your experiences.


Only you have the power to script your life. Only you can choose alignment with your Source Point and away from fear. If you aren't consciously co-creating, you are still creating in the unwritten words of frequencies. No amount of affirmations will manifest your desires unless you align vibrationally with what you want and release resistance. 




It's time to care about the way you feel

need some guidance?

Anahata knows a thing or two about perceived "struggle" and that the only way for it to stop is to release all resistance to the part of you that is connected to all things, is entangled with God, and has access to abundance on all levels. After all, we only suffer when we deny this part of us access to its full potential. In fact, it's a blessing we are built with such a navigation system. It is easy to descern what we love and want more of, and when we aren't experiencing it, it means we either haven't aligned with our desires yet, or we are moving in the wrong direction. Either way, the experience can be painful. Many of us spend our entire lives in this cycle thinking there is nothing we can do. That we must just be "unlucky" or cursed. Or worse yet - the societal lie that we are somehow unworthy of abundance or happiness.

After being laid off from a corporate job she held for almost 8 years, and past unresolved pain of a devestating divorce coming to a head, Anahata was at an all-time low. It was sink or swim time and she didn't want to do either. She resigned to be guided to her purpose and her true path was manifested as quickly as she could walk through the doors.


After turning to guidance from God, she quickly opened up to a sea of unlimited possibilities and she felt whole and centered by facilitating energy healing for herself and loved ones. First through a technique called The Emotion Code and expanding quickly into Regeneration Healing and Crystal Therapy. As she followed her bliss and became a CECP, she knew she was on the verge of a breakthrough. A direct answer to prayer came quickly in the form of a "Divine Download" of information which came floading to her. 


She has spent the last 12 months researching how the information she recieved could be possible and the further she dives into science and spirituality, the more truths are revealed. Anahata is now on a mission to guide people back to their Source Points and raise the collective vibration of the planet.


Source Point:

Your point of entanglement with God, the Universe, and all things.

When we align with it, we are balanced, whole, healed, and healthy.

It is our true nature, birthright, and the way we were created.

We are beings of light and love. When we aren't aligned with our trueselves, we feel disconnected, alone, and uncomfortable. Resonating with fear-based vibrations keeps us from finding coherance. Aligning with high-vibrations brings strength, balance, happiness, purpose, and contentment.

Great. But how Do I get there?

There are many ways to realign with your Source Point and begin to broadcast from it. In fact, the root of the word healing means to return to wholeness. And you're already there, it is you. All you must do is remove the falsities and dis-ease in your life and let your body return back to balance. Never before have we lived in such an exciting time with so many ways to return to balance. Whether it be through diet, herbs, excercise, meditation, energy healing, yoga, prayer, or any form of holistic wellness, there are many ways to realign with your Source Point.


These ancient techniques wrapped in modern understanding have most recently been referred to as "Self-directed Biological Transformations" (SDBT's).

“Genes are the not the fixed, stable, immovable entities I was taught about; they are fluid and dynamic, and their activities are altered by every experience, thought, word, and action in a person’s life. So, why not direct your experiences to influence your genes in the most positive ways? Ground is being broken in “self-directed biological transformation”(SDBT)” ~ Rudolph Tanzi, PH. D.

Anahata Codes are one such SDBT. Anahata Codes was the name given to the Divine Download Anahata had in April of 2015. It is a self-directed biological transformation that provides your energy layers with access to precise frequencies your body is in need of. With 14 categories and growing, Anahata Codes deliver the innate healing qualities of flower essences, trees, essential oils, crystals, planetary energies, herbs, vitamins, and assist with emotional flow, meridian flow, chakra flow, biological processes and hormonal balance (to name a few!). And here's the clincher... 


The physical things aren't needed to access their intelligence because you are connected to all through your Source Point.


The Anahata Codes are delivered through installing a numeric sequence (code) into your Heart Chakra (the physical location of our Source Points) and allowing it to use the information to find homeostasis (what it was already programmed to do). Lasting change is experienced because of the unique way that the Anahata Codes deliver all 7 of the Tools of Restoration. 

Reflect . Release . Replenish . Rewire . Reunite . Resonate . Rejoice

This unique approach to holistic healing (developed exclusively by Anahata) allows your body to drop resistance and realign with your Source Point. The 7 Tools of Restoration provide profound and life-changing insights by not only exploring the unique lessons of each Anahata Codes you are requesting but resonating with them energeticially. 

The 7 Tools of Restoration

The Sacred 7's

The 7 Tools of Restoration









The 7 Main


Root (Muladhara)

Sacral (Svadhisthana)

Solar Plexus (Manipura)

Heart (Anahata)

Throat (Vishudha)

Third Eye (Ajna)

Crown (Sahasrara

The 7 Keys








Letting Go


21 Day Manifestation Cycle

The magnitude of a different Anahata Code delivered each day over a 21 day guided manifestation cycle is life-changing. The tools and knowledge gained in as little as 15 minutes per day will facilitate a total transformation away from fear and towards love so that you can consciously co-create with grace and gratitude. 


The difference from other manifestation methods and programs is the vibrational support you receive to align with the things you want, dissolve the things you don't, and use the ancient wisdom and power of your chakra system to pull from unlimited potential the unmanifest into physical being.

But that's just the beginning, Anahata was given a revelation during meditation on how to activate deep healing responses and Complete alignment with Your Source Point through combining the 7 tools of Restoration, with the 7 Keys of Manifestation using the power of the 7 main chakras.

Let's Take a look at what the Manifestation Program offers

21 Frequency Activations

When you join the 21 Day Manifestation Cycle, beginning on the first day of the new month, you'll be given an Assisting Frequency each day to install into your energy field. Each Assisting Frequency articulates the innate goodness vibrationally of something else which already is used to consciously manifest, delivering that intelligence to your heart for circulation. Every one of your trillions of cells is programmed to find homeostatis. The Anahata Code of the day during each of the 21 days will assist you in restoration so that only your desires are manifested. There are 14 categories of Assisting Frequency including things like crystals, flower essences, tree energies, planetary energy, meridian flow support, chakra flow support, essential oil, emotion flow, Solfeggio frequencies and totem animal medicine. 

Profound Daily Insights

In addition to the daily Assisting Frequency, you’ll receive information about the Assisting Frequency in order for you to embrace change on all levels including mental. You’ll understand how that vibration allows you to release blocks and step into your power to manifest the positive. Intention is a powerful catalyst and daily lessons will help you to fully understand and put to use profound daily insights which will form new habits and rewire responses. The ancient wisdom of the 7 Main Chakras will be used to implement the 7 Tools of Restoration and the 7 Keys to Manifestation in a cohesive and practical way. 

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations will support you in embrancing the tools and vibrations needed to manifest your desires. Daily Anahata Sutras will allow you to resonate with the daily lessons and codes. 

Manifestation Alchemy Course

A live course with Anahata is also part of this package. She'll share with you practical ways to implement the lessons and codes into your daily life. You'll learn about how to use the Zip Line Convergence tool to gracefully shift your focus from your fears and to aligning with the vibrations you want. This course will teach you how to live from your Source Point, be at peace, and flow with bliss. Afterall, it's all about the journey. Your goals are but milestones are your way to aligning with and broadcasting from your Source Point. 


The course will be recorded so you may access it and all the handouts for as long as you need to. 

Journaling Supplementation (Optional)

You’ll have the opportunity to answer some questions after reading the “Daily Download” lesson in a personal daily journaling activity. This is optional, and the actual reading and installing of the Assisting Frequency takes just 5 - 15 minutes of your time. Journaling is a well-known way to focus and visualize while releasing and building new responses and it supports the 21 Day Manifestation Cycle perfectly.

Entry into the Anahata Manifestion Cycle Community (Optional)

An Assisting Frequency and corresponding lesson takes just minutes of your time but it can shift your reality over 21 Days to remove Fear on all levels and step into your true essences – Love in order to manifest only positive. During your transformation, it is helpful to interact with others experiencing the same thing. You're life is never going to be the same. That kind of shift is best experienced by support from others who are going through it too. And remember, you can take the journey over and over again with new goals and desires in mind.

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“Your Manifestation course has saved me money. I have finally quit searching for the next big program or course and have not been tempted to spend money on any other courses that make all these promises. I have tried so many things already. I know the Anahata Codes are what will finally remove so many of my subconscious blocks.”  - Jean R.


"I started to read Day 11 and got tear-upped before I even finished the first sentence. My heart filled with love and emotion and it is still happening. This is so beautiful and it reminds me of the statement, "Faith precedes the Miracle." This is a miracle - all things God centered, all things created by Him, all things that He is, and all things that we can become because of Him - are miracles, and yet they are who we really are. Thank you Anahata for your insight and beautiful way of explaining and teaching us."  - Bonnie P.


“Wowwww!!!!!!!! It's as if the thing I need the day before comes shortly after. God has lead me to Energy Work and the Anahata Codes so what a blessing it's been all along because now I know I'm on the journey I've always dreamed about and that's been to help myself and others in a deeper more profound way and believe me I know quite a bit about other alternative healing. Your writing today was once again, so specific, so filled with truth and so filled with wisdom. I can feel the top of my head opening up with a feeling of light buzzy energy at the top, so cool!!!! Thank you Anahata!!”  - Christine T.


“Because I started a day late, and synchronicities and challenges prior to reading the Day 1 code and sutra aligned exactly... I decided to experiment and do each day at the end of the day. To my amazement, all four days experiences manifested in alignment with the daily theme before I knew what it was. Talk about good goosebumps! It would take a full page to reveal what's happened in the last 4 days. And my reactions to the negative have way less charge than normal for me. Thank you Anahata and All this is an amazing experience so far!”  - Kamaka P. 


"This has been a huge eye-opener for me. I have loved the explanations, the truth, and the whole experience. Thanks again Anahata for being the conduit to bring truth into the lives of those who will listen." - Anonymous Survey Participant 


"When I first came accross the codes I was drawn to them but I wasn't sure that they would really deliver change as promised. Now I can definitely say that the shifts I had installing the codes have been incredible. I am feeling so much gratitude for Anahata having downloaded the codes and for having been guided to them!" - Anonymous Survey Participant

21 Day Manifestation Cycle & Course


God bless you



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