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Balancing by Frequencies

Use the Power of Numbers to Find Balance/Vibrational Frequency Wellness/Release Discordant Energy/Energy Balancing By Numbers/ Anahata Codes 

When we experience dis-ease of any kind, it's because there is discordant energy affecting our natural state of flow and balance. Our energy layers are influenced by the frequencies we come in to contact with (situations and interactions) and generate ourselves (thoughts and emotions) and can throw off our entire well-being. Specific frequencies can also be used to balance and unblock our energy layers. Holly calls this Resonance Remembrance- our bodies ability to release disruptions in order to return to balance.  


It has long been known that numbers carry vibrations and many have argued that numbers are the building blocks of the entire Universe. Installing healing frequencies your body can use to push away unbalancing vibrations (which won't resonate with the high vibrations) while creating new "habits" or songs for your cells to sing is vibrational healing orchestrated perfectly by your body. This then draws more of the same to you and your body is able to find balance.


Holly uses numeric sequences and installs them into your aura and body (via the water in your body) so that they can bring their balancing frequencies to all parts of your being. She channels these frequencies specifically for each client depending upon their unique needs. in addition to these custom frequencies, she has developed a new way to ask for, access, and administer the inate healing properties of crystals, flower essences, and Totem animal energy. She calls this Anahata Codes. The Anahata Codes can be used by skilled practioners and newbies a like.


She also encorporates the brilliant work of Lloyd Mear to facilitate "Balancing By Numbers". Energy Balancing By Numbers is a book with over 6,000 frequencies and is available to purchase at

Sing healing "songs" to your body which will resonate with balance and health

Filter discordant energy out of your body

Vibrationally support your body's ability to eminate total wellness

Holly Channels Custom Vibrations for anything you wish to draw to you or let go of (by resonating with that frequency or by removing it)


Doing the happy dance!!!  I know you thought I may be sad while processing, but being able to sit pain-free wipes out all negative emotions!

Elyn J. 



The Universe is written in the language of vibrations. Numbers translate those frequencies and are the songs of existence, the keys to creation and balance. 

Holly Hallowell 




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