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The Anahata Codes - By Holly Hallowell

Anahata Codes Book By Holly Hallowell

The Anahata Codes is the Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine and first began in the Spring of 2015 when Author, Anahata Holly Hallowell had a Divine Download. She set about Channeling The Anahata Codes and they have steadily grown in both depth and popularity. With tens of thousands of people around the world at the time of publication using them to bring peace, joy, healing, and meaning to their lives, the Anahata Codes can be used for any concern or desires: mental, emotional, physical, or Spiritual.


This book is an organic living document which is a Directory of the Sacred Codes.

Paperback $44.00:

Signed Copy $55.00:

This includes shipping within the US. Additional charge for international. 

21-Day Fear Detox By Holly Hallowell

The 21-Day Fear Detox: Assisting Frequencies to Remap the Fear Defaults That Are Keeping You From Your Best Life is currently available via Paperback or Kindle on Amazon. You can read the first few pages before buying it as a preview on Amazon.

An introduction to the power of activating self-directed biological transformation, it delivers 21 powerful codes and lessons. 

Kindle $3.33:

Paperback $19.99:

Signed Copy $40.00:

This includes shipping within the US. Additional charge for international. 

21 Day Fear Detox Book Cover

Your Mess into Medicine Journal - By Holly Hallowell

Mess into Medicine Journal

Our desires will come forth, either harmoniously, or as an expression of our resistance.


This book is also a journal. It will coach you into a new way to view any obstacle as working for you, and edit anything preventing you from being a match to your desires (mentally, physically, emotionally or Spiritually). Through voicing curiosities, we’ll remember how to dream. Those curiosities (and with the systematic cleansing of your limiting beliefs) will allow you to hear the Divine inspiration which is being broadcasted directly to you. Your Potent Purpose will begin to emerge and passion will ignite. What will culminate is a deep sense of joy AS you build an Autotelic lifestyle, one which has you enjoying the ride as much as the destination! Whether you are achieving and reaching for more, or you’re feeling like the underdog when it comes to your goals personally, interpersonally, financially, or Spiritually; the Your Mess into Medicine Journal will support you at every unfolding phase of your magnificent journey.

Paperback $17.00:

Signed Copy $40.00:

This includes shipping within the US. Additional charge for international. 

Light Memory

Anahata's first best-selling book teaches you the Science and art of Waterbending. Receive an autographed copy and a set of Waterbending Rocks at You will also unlock access to video trainings when you purchase the package for $99.

Light Memory
An Alchemist’s Guide to Waterbending


Is Water the missing link to Manifestation? 

This book makes “The Secret” look like child’s play. If you aren’t working with Water, you’re missing out on 99% of your potential magnetism. After all, you are 99% Water on a molecular level. 

Holly Hallowell remembered something astonishing from her past life as a Muan Waterbender: Water is a liquid crystalline supercomputer capable of holding and emitting energy and information. But not just that, she remembered ways to use the Divine structure of Water to ask, align, allow, and activate your full potential and shares them with you in this revolutionary book.  

Her mission is to help people remember that Water is Light Memory (the actual definition) and to show you how to use it to align with anything. Water is the bridge between Spirit and Physicality. 

If you’ve tried the LOA and are left feeling like you’re doing something wrong due to your inconsistent results and the lag time it takes to reach your goals, congratulations, you just found a Quantum leap for your life.  Collapsing your dream waves into particle reality just got a whole lot easier. 

Reader’s report: increased energy, vibrant health, less stress, a more positive outlook, quicker manifestation times, more peace, fewer triggers, increased focus and desire, a passion for life, and unlocking their full creative power and potent purpose.

Holly Hallowell’s fourth book is on a course to disrupt the entire Manifestation and Self Development Industry.


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Anahata Codes are free for anyone to use. To download the Anahata Codes and guide, click here.

Anahata is available for interview, speaking engagements, and workshops... you may reach her at

She teaches many online classes, some for free, some for a nominal fee. You can find her free offerings in the Free Downloads page of this site. To take a Course or program, visit this page.

For one-on-one sessions with Anahata, visit this page or book one of the Certified Anahata Codes Practitioners.

Lastly, there are Frequency Recipes available for purchase. Visit the shop here.



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