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Free Digital Workshop

Bottle Your Magic:

Create and Share Your Story

Listen Now On-Demand for a Limited Time

Bottle Your Magic is a free digital workshop that will pull forth from your wisdom, curiosities, and experience an evolutionary piece of content that can be set up as a Portal Product or shared freely (depending upon your goals).

Holly Hallowell

Hosted by Anahata

Holly Hallowell


The Encore Broadcast will end soon! Register to listen before it's gone.

Are you here to serve as we ascend?

It's time to amplify your voice and create a powerful tool from your story.

The journey begins when you register for the free digital workshop >>

You will be redirected to a Thank You Page with workshop details. Just click and play the replay video. If you are not redirected or you do not receive the email, please send an email to

Find out more about the workshop >>

Click and Play the short Video for more details.



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