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Certified Anahata Codes Practitioners


The Anahata Codes movement is sweeping across the globe, with masterclass students in Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Africa, Australia, Sweden, England, Canada, the United States and beyond.


Of those students, a select few have pursued certification as Certified Anahata Codes Practitioners. They introduce themselves below (listed in Alphabetical order). Please reach out to them for a one-on-one Anahata Codes session as they have all met the requirements to become a CACP in good-standing.

Want to get certified? Visit for more details.


Nancy Roehm Allen, CACP

“I am so excited to add the Anahata Codes modality to the work I’ve been doing for over 25 years now.  My goal is to assist people in opening up to their ultimate potential by teaching them how to manage their personal energy… the Anahata Codes are a powerful trigger in that remembrance… I want to thank Holly Hallowell (Anahata) for bringing through, codifying, and sharing this modality with the world.”


Nancy is a veteran audio engineer with 25+ years of college educator & clairvoyant counseling experience, and has taught pro-audio students, and professional industry clients, to find and hold their energetic space in the chaotic world of the entertainment industry.


She studied clairvoyance & healing techniques at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Anaheim, CA, where she received her Clairvoyant Training Program, and Minister’s Licenses.  She also studied in the Institute’s Teacher Training Program.


She also holds a Reiki Master Teacher Certification.


Nancy mixes and matches modalities to deliver a bespoke experience for her clients.  Her “SimpleTools” Free Series, along with her Flagship Training Program ‘SimpleTools For Surviving a Chaotic World”, and now the “Anahata Codes”, demonstrate this.


“I look forward to working with you, and empowering you with the tools to live the life you choose.” | 1-702-726-7966… text only | | Seal Beach, CA

Janice Dau, CACP

Janice has a passion for exploring ways to bring more ease, joy, and peace into our lives. Through curiosity we awaken our connection to our soul, with joy, we look at our feelings, beliefs, needs, and thoughts to find the aspects of ourselves that want to be loved and brought to the light.


There is no reason to continue with lack, pain, and struggle. We can choose more laughter and love, as all is divine, it is our perspective that can be altered with more insight and understanding. Let us make the most of our human experience.


In addition to Anahata Sessions and Potions, Janice can add Reiki, Crystal Domes, Akashic Reading, and Oracle cards to your experience (or use these modalities alone.)


All we are and all we feel are divine and perfect, just as the sapling and full grown tree is perfect. They are different aspects of the divine. Let us realize our highest versions of ourselves and enjoy the journey. | 303-842-5445 | Reiki for Life 5280 | Lone Tree, CO

Kelly Fiddler, CACP

My name is Kelly Fiddler. I am certified in:  Quantum Biofeedback, The Emotion Code and now the Anahata Codes!!! After multiple decades of suffering on all levels:  Emotional, physical, spiritual and mental, I can say with certainty that energy work has been my saving grace.  I am now healthy and thriving on all levels. Currently, at the age of 49 I am healthier than ever before. With gratitude, I attribute this amazing recovery to wholeness ultimately to my desire to heal, and action that I have taken combined with the Anahata Codes. While several other energy medicine modalities were beneficial to my growth, I have found the Anahata Codes to be mind blowing and expansive pared with a level of comprehensiveness unparalleled to no other.  I am a gifted clairsentient.  My gifts, combined with my skills and knowledge allow me to navigate the Anahata Codes with ease. The results have been reintegration and realignment of undesired thoughts, illnesses and ailments. It is my honor to now share this ancient wisdom with you to help you along your journey to wholeness and magnificence.

Ancient Love Energy Work | Durango, CO |

Alexandra Freccero, CACP

My name is Alexandra, I am an intuitive healer, Anahata code practitioner and an artist (painting and mosaic).
In all my work, my aim is to help people re-connect to their higher selves and divine knowing.

In a healing session I receive information as images, sounds and smells. I see energies and often feel in my own body where the client experienced pain. This flow of information also comes when I work with the Anahata Codes but in a slightly different manner. I can combine a session with Anahata codes and intuitive healing or offer each separately. I also do healing paintings where the energy flow I see is depicted; the water I use to paint the picture with is also infused with the Anahata Codes that will assist you for a specific issue. The healing paintings are suitable as a reinforcement-tool for distance healing.

I believe we are all here to expand into our unlimited potential and above all, to remember how loved, unique and valuable we truly are. Our core essence is always whole and holy.

Remember that Nature is always healing you, immerse yourself in Her love and allow yourself to receive and expand.

The Anahata Codes communicate and heal you on an individual level, not only by gently moving you into a balanced state but also by translating the healing and knowing into clear answers.

 “You are the soul of the universe and your name is love”/Rumi | Bromma, Sweden | Telephone, In-Person, Skype

Dee Weber-Gaiter, CACP

Denise Weber-Gaiter, RN, CECP, CACP, is a retired infection control nurse, wife, mother, grandma and lifelong student of healing and spiritual studies. Dee continues to study, and share many integrative modalities including massage, Reiki I, II, III, Nikken Health & Wellness, Young Living Essential Oils, Emotion Code, and Anahata Codes. | 724-699-5882 | Bright Twinkling Balance | Jackson Center, PA

Maureen Goodman, CACP

I am now a CACP and it is an honor and privilege to add this healing modality to my toolbox of powerful spiritual tools. I started on my journey of energy healing in 2007. Since everything in the world of energy was so new to me then, it took time to understand and absorb what I was learning, but it was the beginning of a more defined spiritual path that has allowed me to grow and expand. My very first experience with energy work was on a phone call where the guest speaker, Dr. Bradley Nelson removed trapped emotions from a distance.  As the creator of The Emotion Code (TEC), I found his work very interesting, but it took about 8 years before I got certified in TEC.  I also studied Reiki and more recently added tapping, The Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) to my toolbox. I will start my certification in The Body Code (BC) soon. This is another healing modality.


Right now, I’m interested in learning as much as I can although I see a future business in energy work. I want to continue to learn and grow. The classes I’ve taken with Anahata have been packed with so much powerful, life-altering information that I have to say, at this point in my life, I’ve never implemented what I’ve learned as much as I do now.  She can take something I perceive as complicated and make it easy to understand.  Regardless of where my journey takes me, I want to continue to take classes/workshops with Anahata. She beautifully encourages, guides and mentors. I learn so much from her. I hope to meet some or all of you one day at one of her workshops, but for now, we have the group as support. Thanks Anahata for this wonderful healing modality.

843-251-9786 | | Myrtle Beach, SC

Kristian Googe, CACP

I am excited to add Anahata Codes to my list of offerings.  I began what has become a lifelong journey of discovery in alternative healing in 2008, studying herbal medicine and aromatherapy, along with homeopathy and iridology.  I am now a Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Body Code Practitioner. 


My focus is on reconnecting my clients with who they are meant to be so they can discover their own internal ability to heal.  I also teach JSJ self-help classes to help people get back in sync with their bodies and listen to the signals that have gotten distorted through the stress of daily living.

Judy Huffman, CACP

Every one of my clients are special. I address their needs pacifically to the problems they are having at that time, and it can change every time they come to see me.


I offer Therapeutic Medical Massage, CranioSacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Ortho-Bionomy, Swedish ( Med. to Firm, Not Deep), Reiki, Ama Deus ( Shamanic healing), Polarity Therapy, Therapeutic touch, Myofascial Release, Aroma Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Thai Massage. (Newest) ANAHATA CODES!


I help your body's self-healing begin, and teach you how to keep it going. I have been studying for over 40 years and I am still taking new classes all the time. I have been doing Massage for over 25 years with over 30,000 massages completed. I can and will help you begin to heal your body.

Feel~N~Good Massage Therapy | | 785-289-3618 | Kinsley, KS

Virginia B Johnson, CACP

Hello, my name is Virginia Johnson and I would like to share a little about the amazing spiritual journey I am on. I am grateful for each and every experience in my life for they have shaped me and made me who I am today. I am far from perfect but my life is a wonderful adventure! My family is my greatest gift and that is where I find the most joy. I love being outdoors enjoying nature and I like to keep my hands busy with crafts like sewing, crochet, card making, and drawing. I love helping people and learning new things! I am fascinated with energy work and the body’s ability to heal itself. We are so much more powerful that we can imagine.

In 2010 I had one of my biggest life changing experiences: I was diagnosed with cancer and went in for emergency surgery. At this time I had young children to raise, my baby being only 18 months old. So I told myself, “There is no way in hell I am going anywhere now”. I knew that I was responsible for me and my health so I decided to go the natural route. It was time for me to take care of me. I changed my diet, lifestyle and my thinking habits. I believe we have the power to change our health and our lives so I concentrated my energies on the positives -- health, healing, love and happiness. Today I am healthy and happy. This experience was the turning point which propelled me to get into energy work to help myself as well as others. 

I have always had great interest in the healing arts and I know that my mission in this life is to assist others in health and well-being. I enjoy studying various healing arts, I am a Certified Reiki II Practitioner, Certified Anahata Codes Practitioner and I use various other methods of energy work as well as coaching and teaching the principles of love and self-care. I have devoted my life to health and healing. It brings me great joy to witness the benefits of energy work and facilitate you in awakening and activating your own natural healing energy. | 435-212-0578 | Colorado City, AZ

Roberta MacKnight, CACP

Big picture- I participate in a profoundly perfect paradoxical playground of parallel paradigms. I always was, am and will BE always me, always you, always the same, always changing, always All. I am stars, I am earth, always here but not. I am seen, I am unseen, part of what is, and being what is to be and not being what could have been. I am all I allow and limited only by my limits. Always expanding, always- Me.

I am a Mother of 8, Grandmother of 16. Fascinated by vibrational everything. Interested in offering my services for the expansion and healing of relationships. I have worked in the health food industry, and around horses, after being a stay at home mom. My main sub gurus- Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Caroline Meiss, David Hawkins, Vianna Stibal, Patricia Cota Robles, and, of course, Anahata.


My main teacher and guide is Jesus Christ. I have studied Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, Shamanism, Theta Healing, Course In Miracles, and Anahata Codes. I am a Reiki Master Teacher. I also do Angel Paintings.

Our Universal Heart | Walnut Creek, CA 94598 | (925) 470-7337

Leslee Nelson, CACP

Leslee Nelson is a Master Spiritual Guide who has a unique energy gift given and known to her since her magical childhood years. Leslee can tune into Universal energy, seeing beyond the physical world we experience with our eyes into the subtle energies that surround everything that we cannot see. She connects clearly and quickly with these energies to find the blocks that shutdown her clients’ abilities to manifest their desires.


Developed and evolved over a period of years, Leslee has created a unique transformational modality known as Templates of Light, Love, and Language™. Templates of Light, Love and Language™ are a holographic symbol language. Leslee creates these templates in drawing form defined as conscious art. She also creates them in sound transmission form defined as light language. Combined together these energies resonate on a soul level with one’s original soul blueprint of love and send information directly to one’s higher self to create your true self.


Leslee’s Templates of Light, Love, and Language™ are about connecting with the soul, seeding the soul with updated information, shifting the soul to a new perspective, and allowing through Divine timing self-empowerment of the soul to shine. Thus, Leslee’s passion and mission—for all humanity to obtain self-empowerment—is accomplished.


Leslee also uses Anahata Codes in her transformational sessions. The assisting frequencies of the codes complement Leslee's Templates of Light, Love, and Language™. Integration of the Codes and Templates brings a remembrance of our connection to all things, awakens us to wholeness, and connects us to our true essence.

Her work brings an infinite array of possibilities, including but not limited to healing, happiness, and abundance. Her clients benefit and those individuals who have a relationship with her clients also benefit, from family and friends to co-workers and acquaintances. The results from Leslee’s work are exciting and amazing with many fun surprises.

Your Infinite Energy | | (651) 260-5622 | Forest Lake, MN

Caroline Nixon, CACP

It is my passion to help people feel amazing in their bodies, so they can create the life they love knowing their body is fully supporting them.  In my work, I help you get to the root cause of your body’s dis-ease and help you to regain balance and harmony in all areas of your being (body, mind & soul).  I have a variety of tools in my tool-belt to help you reach your health goals, and each session is structured to meet you where you are and what you need.



To book an appointment:

Healing Codes | | | Wilmingham, NC

Trudy Nobles, CACP

Hiya all,


Trudy Nobles here as a mentor for Awakening the Goddess, and activating the pleasure
and bliss of Life Force Orgasm. As a Woman, you know your wounds, the ones that make you smaller
than you truly are, the assaults that have knocked you down, the lost trust, shame and perpetual guilt.
We've come along way in our expression of self, and we are entering a new time of awakening.

Freedom, Creativity, Leadership, and Divine Pleasure are our right to express and share. My Mission is
to have fun, be playful, be sensual, loving, and share all of this juicy healing energy with as many
women as possible.

Anahata Codes carry a frequency that embraces all of the wonders and wisdom of the Earth and
the Universe, which are activated with ease for your continual expansion. My focus is to offer the
codes with several healing modalities while being connected to our higher selves. Many of my skills
are easy and I love teaching you how to use them for yourself, kiddos, pets, animals, Gaia. Clarity and
Compassion are powerful tools to co-create your chosen path through life.

Life Force Orgasm is a deep immersion of sex and spirit, with juicy home play activities. Blending
Life Force, Orgasm, and Creation are a powerful blend of Feminine Power and Love. Awakening the
Goddess explores the various parts of you and how to get them all balanced and helping each other on
this mission of life. I am developing other mini classes around the Women with pleasure world.
Private sessions are a connection of your higher self to mine, and the information given and
clearing and healing that occur are right on. One session can offer you much transformation, and the
perfect codes for you. There are discounts when taking immersions, and you also receive daily
clearings while taking immersion classes.

Come play with me by joining Life Force Orgasm facebook group, following my page at
TrudyNobles@lifeforceO,, where you can enter your email for
updates on classes and freebies.

Bliss and Bless Trudy

Life Force O | www. | TrudyNobles@lifeforceO

Mia O’Brien, CACP

Mia OBrien had a Divine Spiritual Awakening straight from Source that changed the course of her life and purpose from School Principal to a Light and Energy Channel, an Alpha Energetic Healer, an Anahata Code Practitioner, a Reiki Master and Teacher, an Ordained Minister, a Spiritual Coach, a Certified Counselor, and an Instructor of Meditation, Relationships, and Life Cycles.  Mia has had the gift of duality in her life that carved the path of her Divine Purpose.  She navigated divorce, grief, unhealthy work and careers, unhealthy relationships, and health issues.  These experiences led her to learn new spiritual wisdom and truth, self-healing modalities, balanced/healthy relationships, and an aligned purpose and plan in her life.


She currently offers Physical, Emotional, Mental Health, and Spiritual Energy Healing, to include Anahata Codes for any physical, emotional, spiritual issue; Pain Management, Stress and Anxiety Release; Depression and Mental Health issues Release, Grief Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Soul and Life Purpose Counseling, Essential Oils for Everyday Life Consultation and Classes, Meditation Classes, Chakra Balancing, and Soul Infusion Self-Healing Classes.

Skype ID: mobrien401 | LinkedIn: Mia OBrien | Email:

Sarah Otis, CACP

I am so excited to add this phenomenal healing gem to my healing repertoire!! I can say this 6 months process of becoming a CACP has been an emotional process as I released and healed myself with each new session I offered while learning so much about myself that I had failed to fully acknowledge! I am proud of who I have become through this process and it's leading me into my new level of medicine to assist humanity and Gaia.


I have been a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist for almost 18 years working with clients suffering with complex medical issues and pain to gain back as much of life as possible that their limitations had taken away. I have a passion to get to the root causes of issues in people's lives which lead me to become a massage therapist after suffering for years with severe medical issues that doctors told me were all in my head. Over the years as I expanded my skills to further assist my clients within my scope of practice I added an extensive list of amazing modalities such a Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Lomilomi Hawaiian Healing, Bowen Therapy, Ortho-bionomy, Raindrop Therapy with Young Living oils, Aviana Touch Therapy and many more to further support where I was shifting in my own healing and practice.


I retired from the more physical massage modalities in 2014 (after 14 years) to exclusively offer energy healing modalities. I was being called to take a journey to India to give back doing volunteer work which turned into a two-year massive Transformation that has forever changed my life in ways I could never fathom!!  I plan to utilize "my mess" and the knowledge I have gained throughout my life to assist others in working through it, as well as assisting others in healing their emotional and underlying issues or traumas that are slowly wrecking havoc in their everyday lives as these programs work in the background unbeknownst to them. Using my natural born abilities as an Intuitive Empath, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Oracle, Psychic, Catalyst, Visionary and Wayshower, I help to show you a different view of the world, your life, your issues and challenges to take back your power and become the radiant empowered being you were born to be in a safe, compassionate and loving way.


I look forward to utilizing the Anahata Codes, my Intuitive Oracle Readings,

Energy-Sound Healing, Numerology-Color Therapy-Crystal Healing Jewelry and taking my life's mess into a profound mash-up natural medicine to accelerate humanity and Gaia's healing.

Book An Appointment

Healing Hands Holistic Therapies | |

Bonnie Pence, CACP

I have studied vitamins, minerals, herbs, super-foods and natural/alternative methods for over 40 years.  I later added homeopathy and then in 2009 I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.  With the EC, and the Body Code, Regeneration Healing, EFT, and some Spring Forest Qigong, and now as a Certified Anahata Codes Practitioner I have many ways to assist you to higher vibrations and more health and happiness.


By asking your body, through muscle testing (applied kinesiology) I can find whatever methodology to use, based on your need, at the time.  Your body knows and it will guide me.  These wonderful modalities can help balance your body so it can heal.  I am not a healer.  “I only work here,” as Dr. Bradley Nelson often says.  I have the tools to find what is needed to help you have a healthy mind, body, and spirit…to live without fear, and with love.  The Anahata Codes are assisting frequencies to raise your vibrations toward unconditional love, which will give you health and a blissful life. The higher your frequencies, the better your life will be.  Isn’t that what we all want? | Orem UT

Kelly Reginella, CACP

My name is Kelly Reginella. I am a certified Angel Alchemist, Reiki Master Teacher and now an Anahata Code Practitioner! Since an early age, I understood the connection between body, mind and spirit! My personal healing journey lead me to energy healing, which made a huge impact in all areas of my life. I saw the magic of energy healing transform my life. Healing on all levels, allowed me to fully understand the scope that Everything is energy. My gifts are clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience which intuitively guide me through the magnificence of the codes with ease and grace. It is my honour to share the exquisite wisdom of the codes, to assist you in your unique journey and flow with the universe. Through balance, harmony, and wholeness, as you dare to embrace and follow your dreams. 

Book your appointment at:

Spiritual Intuitive and Energy Healer | | Zoom, In-person, Skype: kelly.reginella

Raluca Salcudean, CACP

I offer Anahata Codes sessions, Emotion Code and Reiki sessions. I have also competency in herbal (phytotherapy) consultancy.

My goal is to help people in their concerns or desires, but also to give them the energetic tools to

enable them to activate their own inner power of self-healing.

I offer one-on-one personal sessions, but also teach people how to become self-sufficient with

implementing their own processes with self-heal using Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

I speak fluent English, Italian, French and Romanian.

Located in Italy | Speaks English, Italian, French and Romanian |

Linda Simpson, CACP

Creative Journey and Neutralizing With Love work together to bring you Journeys and Processes enabling you to LIVE here on Earth and SHINE on your path.

Alongside these processes I use the beautiful Anahata Code Assisting Frequencies to neutralize fears, build strength into your vulnerabilities and to subtly disengage old DNA stories from your story line.

Through learning and using the Anahata Codes I found that there is awesome energy in activating codes in a group, digitally or physically. To utilize this amazing energy link you’ll find monthly digital group session dates on the website.

I’m looking forward to sharing the Anahata Codes with you in the future.

With Love and Joy, LINDA

Creative Journey | Queensland, Australia |

Melanie (Mellie) Test, CACP

Besides being a busy single mom to a incredible 7yo boy and two dogs, Mellie is a multitalented, multidimensional intuitive artist, graphic designer, teacher, speaker, and healer. She has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and numerous fitness certifications from the visionary CHEK Institute in Vista, California, as well. 


Mellie and her “crew” currently live in the mountains of western Colorado, which – as a nature lover - bring immense peace, joy, and expansion. She absolutely loves going on new roadtrip adventures and spending time hiking, paddleboarding, learning to ski, or hanging out at the Hot Springs. There’s such an abundance of nature magic here - she’s really not sure how she ever managed to live in the city!

She’s known for her compassion and ability to connect with her clients – as a Cancer with Cancer rising, plus Cancer in Mercury and Venus, she’s well equipped with that nurturing gift!

The Anahata Codes are a beautiful complement to Mellie’s other healing modalities, which include Sacred Activations (she’s a Master Practitioner), Reiki (Master Level), Empowered Energetics, and Arcturian Healing.


Discovering the Anahata Codes has inspired Mellie to begin adding Assisting Frequencies to her powerful intuitive artwork (including her recently published Dancing Uniquorn Oracle Deck, where each card is infused with a particular recipe of Anahata Codes as well as a Sacred Activation). The Codes have also initiated a new journey where Mellie’s healing and fitness/holistic health backgrounds are beginning to come full circle and integrate back into her healing, artwork, and intuitive art/oracle deck coaching.

More about Mellie, in client’s words:


“Mellie is one of those rare artists whose clear channel and beautiful artwork transmit to more than just the eyes, but reach into the viewer’s heart with hidden healing messages. Mellie’s talent awakens our inner peace and invites our own calm center to bubble up to the surface.”


“There have been many people that have helped me on my journey. A journey to recovery from addiction, domestic abuse and poor mental health. The reason for me sharing this is that you Mellie, have been one of them. You have helped me to have the confidence to express myself through art and really tune into my inner self and the energies around me. My journey will never be complete but you have massively helped me with this stage of it.”

“OMG. I can already feel the energy running. Chills. I finished a first listen; my system is still buzzing. That was beautiful. I'm going to marinate in it a bit and then have another run through. Thank you so much. You've got a gift. I felt immediately plugged in.”

970-646-8415 | | | | Magic with Mellie | Rifle, CO

Christine Okiku Thomas, CACP

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, I have 4 grown children, one cute dog named Fergus and I am an artist.  My interest in holistic healing and alternative medicine has spanned over 25 years.  I was introduced to energy work over 20 years ago.  My personal journey has lead me to my certification as an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, a Reiki Practitioner and most recently as an Anahata Codes Practitioner.  I have found that these modalities are wonderful compliments to each other.  As an energy practitioner, I assist you by using tools that can create an environment that can allow it’s remembrance to wholeness.  I have chosen the name Aloha Energy Works for my business name because the word Aloha not only reminds me of my roots in Hawaii but encapsulates so many wonderful meanings.  In it’s purest sense, the old Hawaiian meaning for the word Aloha means I empathize with you “we are one, your pain is my pain”.  I have had my own wellness journey which has enabled me to connect with my clients, many have felt trusted working with me, I hope you will as well.   I look forward to working with you.

Aloha Energy Works | | Farmington, MO | 907-750-0190 |

Ellie Vixie, CACP

Having sold everything to travel full time with my family, I know the value of having the freedom to choose your lifestyle, to work from anywhere, and to live in daily joy. Feeling good is work though, and sometimes we can lose our spark.


My passion is to help people find their spark; to be lit up from the inside out. Deep cellular cleansing and detoxification so that you feel good in your skin and in tune with your whole body. I take a holistic approach to wellness which facilitates freedom from doubt, fear, anxiety, discontent, lack of passion, lack of purpose, and anything else preventing you from shining your best self. My goal is for you to feel good daily, to open up an explore things you never thought possible for your life. Time freedom, financial freedom, a deeper connection to yourself and others as you are free and clear from any blocks that prevent your joy, abundance, and well-being. 


As a transformation catalyst, I am here to help lead you from a place of doubt and disbelief in yourself to being lit up from the inside out. All healing is self-healing, and it is my goal to be the catalyst for you as you start your transformation.  I take a holistic approach to wellness - incorporating tools for physical/mental/emotional/spiritual well-being for all-encompassing health. I guide you from a place where you are stuck in your body - not feeling good, not feeling confident, not feeling connected, and get you to the place where you finally have the confidence to thrive and the energy for personal growth. I fully believe that when we feel good in our skin, we can finally dig into the emotional and mental work that is so important to our healing and growth as humans.

Everyone deserves to feel confident in themselves and life is too short to stay stuck in a rut. My desire for you is that you find your spark again - to feel lit up from the inside out - and bring forth your passion for living. My goal is always to bring you from a place of feeling stuck, to a place where you are free - free from self-consciousness, free from doubt, where you are free to direct your life in the way you desire. 

Helen Webber, CACP

It is a privilege to be Anahata Code certified.  This modality brings a perfect balance alongside my certification of the Emotion Code. That we have methods to remove hindrances from our being is such a blessing.  


Your own subconscious will tell us exactly what is needed to be done to bring you to where you should and like to be (it feels good to be aligned!). If you wish, you can help me in this process by allowing me to use the Anahata Code and Emotion Code in your sessions.


Skype: helen-webber1 | 509-528-5715 | Richland, WA

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