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- The Code Quests -

Quest One: Activate the Author Within

Get ready to access the ink that creates your world and actuate your full potential. This quest uncovers your Totem Animal, Star Code, and Divine Feminine Guide so that you can Empower, Lighten, and Unify.


Explore the Codes You'll Uncover in Quest One:


Journey One: Defining the Author within

Mission: Unification, Taking Back Your Power, Lightening Up

Codes Facilitated: 

Your Totem Animal: Your "familiar" aspect that will journey with you

to support unification, lightness, and empowerment.
Your Star Code: The anthem of your transformation,

you will be given a special layering of powers to Activate the Author

within and rise up to live your best life.
Your Divine Feminine Guide: The Archetype you magnetize will reveal to you the wisdom you are yearning for and the purpose you seek. All aspects of the Divine Feminine fractal are directly available through activation and alignment with your personal Divine Feminine Guide (which is an aspect of you that will align you with your strength, ingenuity, and greatness as co-creator of your life).


Remembering the Journey, we open the pallet of potential and frame our Sacred Quest together. Ours is a drama played out on the stage of life. When we can understand the dynamics of our Creator self, we can gracefully ascend beyond the illusion of Ego and into the limitlessness which awaits our activation. Essentially: Lighten up and take back our power.

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God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will facilitate for others. The new world is being birthed through you and I am grateful!




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