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Anahata Codes Webinar

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Title: Really Sphere: Under Your Fear You're Sphere
Time: Wednesday, December 16th at 5:00pm Mountain
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast

To attend, visit:


Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Local Numbers:
Pin Code: 796743#


Are you stuck in a seeminly endless cycle of fear-based emotions and thoughts? They are affecting more than you may think, but you have the ability to shed it all. Are you up for the challenge?

"There are only two states of being: fear and love. All other vibrations are subsets of these. Love being the highest vibration (lightest) and fear the lowest (densest). Love illuminates, heals, and brings us together. Fear causes separation, perceived scarcity, and dis-ease. Fear in its many blends of frequencies has created a thick "veil" which keeps us from remembering who we really are and makes us feel separate from everything else. But it's worse than that, it is affecting your energy layers and is the reason for physical imbalances and most all of our pain and suffering on Earth. To return to our whole, healed, and perfect selves, we must release fear and form new responses. When we do this together, we can change the world because when we are whole, we can see we are all connected. Not just in a metaphorical sense, but a physical one.” ~ Anahata


The webinar will take place on:


Wednesday December 16th at 5 pm MST


What's this all about? Please attend to find out... but in a nutshell:


We were wired with fear for a reason; survival. Fight or flight was critical while navigating dangerous terrain as hunters and gatherers. Those instincts are no longer needed. We’ve “conquered” our environment, now we must return again within to conquer our internal environment before we destroy ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth herself.


You'll receive the Really Sphere Guide for attending and a Special Live Frequency Activation during the webinar.

The Really Sphere Webinar dives into this ancient truth and provides you with simple and effective ways to drop your fear and embrace love on all levels.


Why does this matter?


Because these fear vibrations (disruptions) affect our heart coherence. Coherence can be defined as “the quality of forming a unified whole”. That quality (and subsequently our health) is affected when fear (in any form) is introduced or maintained.


To make it worse, our society insures we live in fear due to our demanding lifestyles and societal norms.


Attend the webinar for a deeper dive into fear, its many forms, what it does to our balance, and how you can shed the fear vibrations and return to balance.


Are you ready to wake up to your true self and embrace your best life?

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FREE Webinar Training
“Really Sphere: How Dropping the Fear Vibrations Will Return You to Wholeness (And How to Do It!)”


Here’s just a peek at what I’ll be covering in this ground-breaking webinar:

  • The forms of fear and the many clever disguises it takes in the name of your "best interest"

  • How fear has created separation, confusion and dis-ease

  • Why we seem to be stuck in our layers of fear

  • The Blueprint of Health and how Underneath Your Fear, You Are Sphere

  • How to return to balance by dropping fear in all it's forms


All attendees receive the Really Sphere Guide. Plus! A very special Assisting Frequency will be given to you LIVE on the webinar designed to provide the vibration you need to release fear from all layers of your body.


So make some plans to join me!


“See” you on the 16th!


And remember, You Are Here, You are Sphere, And You Are Loved!

P.S. Fear comes in many forms such as anxiety, worry, frustration, despair, depression, conflict, anger, insecurity, worthlessness, and shame.


P.P.S. Your past experience resonantes with new forms of fear and draw them to you like a magnet. It's critical to release fear and re-wire your responses for lasting change.


Are you ready to wake up to your true self and embrace your best life?


All attendees will receive the Really Sphere Guide and a special Assisting Frequency to get the fear rolling away and the high vibrations of love coming in.



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