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Anahata Special Offers

Connecting to Light Summit

Anahata Codes


Thousands of people around the world are using Anahata Codes to graciously co-create their lives and activate evolutionary DNA. Some code carriers are facilitating healing for others using this extraordinary gift from God.

As a special offering given only to Connecting to Light Summit listeners, you can take the Masterclass Series (package B) for $99 off the regular price, or a special two-course package for just $99 total.

Note, the courses are digital and can be taken at your own pace. The next Masterclass Series starts in January and you'll have the option to join it live if you'd prefer not to have a recording. Once you join the Masterclass series (package B), you have access to any new masterclasses as Anahata evolves them for no additional investment? That's right, you can take and retake as many live series as you want! Note that both the courses in Package A are being offered as bonuses in Package B.

Choose a Package:


Package A

Applications to Heal Your Past, Present and Future:

2 Hour Course Delivers:​

The science behind Time and helpful ways to view it

A deeper understanding of how Vibrational Medicine works related to non-local space and time

Access to your point of entanglement with God, the Universe, and all things, through your Source Point which transcends all space and time

The know-how to use Assisting Frequencies to support your past, present and future

A formula for happiness and how to optimize each element of that formula to retroactively heal your past and create your best future from the now (your place of power)

The ability to connect with nature in ways you never have before

Limitless potential to change the past, in the now, for the best future

Access to handouts and processes for future reference

Watch a webinar about it here. Note, buying the two separately does not give you a discount so use this page to order after watching the webinar.


Crafty with the Codes:

2 Hour Course Delivers:

A deeper understanding of how Vibrational Medicine works
The know-how to program carriers (oil, water, crystals, paintings, baked goods, and any craft involving them)
Ideas and expertise with using Anahata Codes to infuse your holiday gifts this year
Another facet of energy healing added to transferable skills
Never run out of ideas for your loved ones and become known for thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts
Limitless potential to create your own frequency infused products and an invitation to join others in a group shop on Etsy to share your gifts with the world

Watch a webinar about it here​. Note, buying the two separately does not give you a discount so use this page to order.

$155  $99


Package B

5 Week Anahata Codes Masterclass Series:

Everything you need to know to master the Anahata Codes and facilitate healing responses for others.

Module 1: History of Anahata Codes, Vibrational Medicine, Special Class Attunement
Module 2: Setting Sacred Space, Types of Assisting Frequencies
Module 3: Muscle Testing, Anahata Codes Process, Tips on What to Ask
Module 4: Live Session, How To Record Sessions
Module 5: Zipline Convergence, Ask Anahata - Live Q & A, Membership Overview

BONUS: Frequency Alchemist Course to explore carriers

BONUS: Applications to Heal Your Past, Present and Future

PLUS! Crafty with the Codes Holiday Course!!


You get both courses from package A as bonuses!

Read about them both in Package A's description.

$297  $199



God Bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you bring to the whole!

What's Next?

You will receive further details about your purchase via email. White-list both AND If you do not receive additional information within a few days (Connecting to Light first must relay to Anahata) feel free to reach out to either of those email addresses.



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