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So you wanna be a Frequency Alchemist?

Dear compassionate seeker of holistic health and wellness,


The adventure is about to begin...

We are at the edge of a leap in our evolution, in fact, many gurus and spiritual leaders have been preaching the things science and technology are now quantifying for thousands of years, but never before have things aligned in such a way to change the world forever. 


Collective awakening is reaching a critical threshold. 

Perhaps it's because it's evolution or extinction time. The only way we are to continue surviving as a planet is to realize our connectiveness to everything and lift the veil of separation once and for all. 


This shift in consciousness will elevate us into a new reality away from fear and towards peace, love, and harmony. 


I sincerely thank you for wanting to raise the collective vibration of the planet by expanding your awareness and devoting time and attention to personal growth on all levels. A side-effect of this Frequency Alchemist course will be balance, happiness, and increased purpose and meaning.

And for those of you not fully understanding what I'm talking about. Get ready, you're about shift for highest good. When you do, all abundance flows to you and you step into your full power.


How do I know?


Let me tell you a bit of my story...

It was early 2014 and I was still healing from an abusive 10 year marriage which ended in divorce. I was grateful to have found a wonderful man who blessed me with my first child. Suddenly, I was a busy Mom of four (he brought three bonus sons with him) and was the breadwinner of our household when the unthinkable happened. 


I was laid off.


This was icing on the cake of major life changes because I had no desire to return to the type of work I was doing in corporate America. But that didn't stop the bills we had from coming. 

I had always been spiritual and was raised a Christian so the natural thing for me to do was to pray, but I took it a step further. 


I completely surrendered. 


I was broken at this pivotal moment in my life. It was sink or swim and I didn't want to do either. So I didn't.


I decided to float and let the Universe take me to my destiny.


I knew that God would take care of me, but I wanted more than that. I wanted to be guided to my soul purpose. The reason I am here on Earth. 


A hefty order with a deadline. Money was running out fast and the pressures mounting for me to find a passionless job in order to get by. I knew if I didn't find my life's mission now, it would have catastrophic consequences for not only me, but my loved ones. My life had been leading up to this moment. 

His Grace was instantaneous and perfect. Through a series of "coincidences" (Divine intervention) He lead me to The Emotion Code, a book by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It was all like remembering more than learning (it made complete sense and felt authentic) and the doors continued to open as I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and began practicing at a local Wellness Center.


The affinity I had long had for facilitating healing with crystals was a natural paring with The Emotion Code and I began to recommend the assisting frequencies of crystals to my clients to enhance the healing. 


But the amount of crystals out there and their uses was overwhelming, not to mention pricey. It just wasn't a practical recommendation for my clients.


Still, I knew there was a missing piece to the puzzle which was about to unfold. And that's when it happened.

I had a profound download from the Creator in which I was given the Anahata Codes: assisting frequencies which resonate with the vibrations we are in need of for holistic health and ascension support. 

Nature resonates with perfection. We know this by the feeling we get in our hearts when we spend time in nature. 


Because everything is energy, and 99.9% of everything is empty space, the innate energy of nature itself is accessible even when you don't have access to the physical thing. Quantum physics is proving it is so. 


Things like crystals, totem animals, flower essences, plantary energies, and trees have been used for centuries for their therapeutic qualities.

It was Divine Instruction to use the healing power of nature in a way our energy layers understand - numeric codes which deliver vibrational medicine.

And guess what happened?


I was continually blown away by the accuracy of what the body said it needed. In ways we didn't know we needed and then later understood, but in completely obvious ways as well. 


In a specific example, a client had listed 12 concerns and their body chose the assisting frequency of a crystal. We were both amazed at the innate healing qualities of the chosen crystal, it addressed 10 things on her list and many more she needed but hadn't voiced!


From a list of hundreds, her body had precisely located exactly what she needed in a matter of minutes. 


Over the next few months, I was given Divine insight as to how to ask for, accept, align with and hold the Anahata Codes as well as faciliate that for my clients. I am witnessing profound shifts for myself and everyone who tries it.

I have been thrilled with the results I have experienced using the Anahata Codes being channeled by Anahata to bring about healing. I just said the other day that it's amazing how accurate her muscle testing can be to find the right code for my need at the moment.


I have felt immediate long lasting physical and emotional relief as well as being more aware of my spiritual connection. Even my animals are sensing the shift. I'm seeing more personality and curiosity.


Anahata has also channeled numbers for certain behavioral issues and we've witnessed immediate response with them. You can't fake that.


I am so grateful I found Anahata at a time when I needed help. She is a big part in my journey to complete healing.


Linda M.

So here's the real question...

What will you do with the knowledge gained from this cutting-edge course in self-directed biotechnology?

The possibilities are quite endless:


  1. Snap out of the blueprint of health you currently accept and step into a balanced version of yourself

  2. Increase your comfort as our planet continues to go through this intense evolution 

  3. Optimize mind/body communication to faciliate total restoration and increase consciousness evolution

  4. Share your new-found gifts with others in need through facilitating healing and transformation through sessions, products, or virtually any medium (art, coaching, music, etc.)

Where has this been all my life?

  • There are many modalities (types of energy medicine) available but they usually focus in on one aspect of the mind-body feedback loop (the restoration found through release). Anahata Codes are different because they get to all layers and improve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual layers through release, rewiring, replenishing, resonating, rejoicing, reflecting, and rewiring. You'd usually have to put the pieces together from a variety of techniques to accomplish the same thing. Don't get me wrong, it is very possible, people balance all aspects of their lives all the time. This method just covers more bases at once so it can seem like sort of a breakthrough and something you've been searching for without knowing it. 

  • The healing vibrations of nature have always been there (since the Earth was created) but our false illusion of separation has caused us to feel like an individual (our bodies create this parameter confirmed through our limited 5 senses). The reality of it is that we are not separate from anything, even physically. If you zoom in super close to a quantum level, you'll see that we are mostly empty space and their is not solidity separating you from anything in the world. This interconnected web to all things means you have access to all and when you pair that wil intent, you can channel any Assisting Frequency to yourself and access that intelligence for highest good.



That's why I'm so excited to share with you my training course where you can learn everything you need to know to become an expert using vibration carriers to hold Anahata Codes for yourself, loved ones, clients and even products!

It's a comprehensive on-demand training complete with a member center featuring recordings and all the reference documents you need (as often as you need to refer to them).

Let's take a look at what you get in this first-of-its-kind program:

How to choose, clean, and dedicate your carrier of choice

Anahata discusses the steps required to prepare your carrier (crystal, oil, water) to hold Assisting Frequencies.

Adding Assisting Frequencies to carriers

Step-by-step instructions on how to get your carrier to "hold" your chosen frequency. There are two methods and both are taught.

Frequency Recipes and delivery

The possibilities are endless but a list of potential will be provided as well as a formula to take you through the creative process.

Ready to use labels

Blank labels will be provided for you to create frequency labels which you'll attach to your carrier.

Leveraging the frequencies

Details and processes will be shared for you to take full advantage of the crystals, water, and oil you've prepared.

Facebook Forum

You will be added to a private facebook group so that we can continue to discuss, invent, and enhance the method of delivering Assisting Frequencies through carriers.

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The Frequency Alchemist class includes handouts, templates, recordings, and membership to a secret group on Facebook for ongoing interaction, forums and guidance.

Audio Recording! The Anahata Codes Frequency Alchemist Course can be taken over and over again for as long as you need the resources.

Sounds great! I want in! 

Here are some of the RESULTS you can expect after taking the Anahata Codes Frequency Alchemist Course and applying the knowledge gained:

A deeper understanding of how Vibrational Medicine works
The know-how to program carriers (oil, water, crystals)
Access to and expertise with using Anahata Codes to facilitate healing yourself, loved ones, and clients
Another facet of energy healing added to transferable skills
The ability to connect with nature in ways you never have before and the freedom to share it with others
Entrainment to flow gracefully with the ever-changing energy on Gaia
Limitless potential to create your own frequency infused products and programs

There are currently 20 categories and thousands of Anahata Codes. Here are a few...


Crystals - I am continually blown away by the perfection of crystals. Their ability to hold and emit frequencies is a cornerstone of modern technology. With so many innate healing qualities in each crystal, their power is awe-inspiring but can be overwhelming. Letting your body chose which crystal vibration you are in need of the most is an efficient and simple way to let your higher self guide you to highest good.

Totem Animal Medicine

Totem Animals - Natives have long understood the innate healing abilities found in the Spirits of Animals. Their messages are so powerful they label them as medicine. Harnessing their strength and the lessons they are imparting can elevate us into progress along our paths at the speed of Cheetah and with the wisdom of Owl. While we each have specific “Totem Animals” that help us throughout our lives, we have access to and can heal and learn from many.


Archetypes - Think of them as “stereotypes” almost. Physiological descriptions of certain motifs which we all see and play a part of. As Shakespeare said “All the world's a stage...” We bounce from archetype to archetype as our emotions ebb and flow. Depending upon what your body is in need of for highest good, the Archetype Assisting Frequencies can give you the vibrational element be it confidence, humility, compassion, etc.


Trees - They are transmutation facilitators. They guide that which needs to be released down into the Earth for transmutation. Assisting Tree Frequencies help us to release. They also help us to breath, slow down, go inward, and are supportive counselors who hold no judgement. In addition to these qualities, specific tree species provide additional support in extraordinary ways.

Planetary Energies

Planetary Energies - It has been said that the Universe is holographic. Meaning, that within the smallest portion of an element, lies the whole. Within each of us, the entire Universe. It is clear to see this when observing the billions of cells and processes happening inside your own body, an entire Universe orchestrated by Divine on a non-local level and in perfect flow. Planetary energies are a powerful way to entrain.

Flower Essences

Flower Essences & Essential Oils - Another type of manifested love vibration. They are homeopathic remedies which have been accepted to bring balance to hard-wired tendencies with new perspectives to seemingly rigid and hopeless realities. The physical forms can be purchased at most health food stores. Their essence is available for anyone to harness since they are naturally occurring elements found in nature but pare that with the frequency version and it's extremely potent and powerful.

Frequency Alchemist graduates receive a lifetime subscription to all future channeled codes.


Learning about how to ask water, crystals, and oil to hold and conduct the frequencies you need can change your life.

"Anahata Codes are amazing. Very potent. I don't know how you receive them, but it is such a simple and phenomenal process. The stones are very peaceful like a balm, smoothing on a deep level...then I asked for, the plant and animal totem and received additional support."


~ Vicky

When you claim your place in the Frequency Alchemist Course, you are one step closer to accessing asmany assisting frequenciesas needed while having the confidence and know-how to use them efficiently and fully.

I know I need this! I'm in! 

So Anahata, what's my investment for this one-of-a-kind training where I'll get step-by-step instruction on how to program Assisting Frequencies into carriers, PLUS the recording, templates, handouts, and forum to continue learning long after the classes have ended?

When I set out to make a decision regarding the investment of this program, after considering the value of everything included AND (more importantly) the value of the results that are possible when you implement what I'll teach you...


... the number that I finally arrived at was $249. Don't worry, you aren't going to pay even close to this amount. Keep reading. 


Now, the program is certainly worth this amount. Remember, you'll now have access to the precise frequencies your body needs to shed dis-ease and entrain with grace and ease, and you'll be able to help so many others with your new-found expertise...


... Not to mention a virtually endless supply of valuable products and services to create using the frequencies.


And when I think of this, truly, I get kind of emotional. Because I know amazing results are possible for soooo many deserving souls when they make a decision to step fully into their power and use the tools which God has provided - and commit to truly serving the people who need them the most.


That's why I decided to make the investment for the Frequency Alchemist Course:


only $199


But as an exclusive for the Connecting to Light Telesummit, you have access to the Frequency Alchemist Course for just


Say no more.

Upgrade Opportunity...

The frequency alchemist course is a bonus part of the Masterclass Series.

Anahata Codes Masterclass

If you like the Frequency Alchemist Course, and want to know how to facilitate a complete Anahata Codes "session" this series of classes is for you!


You get a discounted rate of just $199 total for the five-week series, and the Frequency Alchemist Course is free!


This Masterclass teaches you over the course of 5 weeks how to add Assisting Frequencies (AFs) to your auric field and the very crystaline in your body. It teaches you how to set sacred space and access your higherself in order to ask which AF's you're in need of the most. Through muscle-testing you can find the AFs which will make the most difference today for you or the person you're helping. Physical, mental, emotional or spritual dis-ease can be addressed quickly and comprehensively. Anhata teaches you the 4 steps of Anahata Codes Ask, Accept, Align, Hold and leaves no-stone-unturned to get you up to speed with the science behind freqeuncy medicine. She'll show you how to muscle test and record sessions.


The next class series starts October 26th with future classes scheduled every few months. More details can be found at www.

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You have done such a wonderful job with all handouts and the audio was perfect. I have never attended a class with such a generous host. The value you are providing us is unheard of. All the links, so we can absorb and really understand everything. Amazing. I am THRILLED!! I feel so BLESSED. Thank you Anahata!

Kelly S.

Masterclass Graduate

I’m very impressed with what you’ve put together—tons of great, well thought out and presented information and helpful handouts. In fact I’d love to have at least 3 days to only focus on absorbing all the info you’ve provided from each class—it’s awesome.


Masterclass Graduate

I wanted to express my appreciation for the amazing way that you are teaching us. You teach from the heart, but more than that, you are incredibly prepared! Your handouts are wonderfully researched and written, the links you have provided encourage additional learning and the content that you share is always enlightening.

It's a privilege to be in the Anahata Codes Master Class and I eagerly await the lessons each week.

Becky W.

Masterclass Graduate

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Just want to take the Frequency Alchemist Course?

One payment of $77

If you've read this far, you are more than ready. I invite you to cast off your shackles of fear and jump in. You have nothing to lose and hundreds of balancing vibrations to gain! Who could you help with Anahata Codes?


Remember, you are here, you are loved.


Blessings Be!

Yada yada, legal mumbo jumbo I have to write. Anahata is not a doctor. Anahata Codes do not diagnose, correct or treat anything, and they are not a substitute for medical care. Spontaneous healing is unexplainable in medical terms and the codes most likely have nothing to do with your healing or well-being. It must all be in that sweet little your head of yours.



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