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"The emotional frequencies we generate stay in our energy body in times of trauma or suppression causing imbalance and drawing similar vibrations like a magnet. Fortunately, they are easy to find and release.

~ Holly Hallowell





Holly uses The Emotion Code to access your higher self and then determines the most imbalancing trapped negative emotion contributing to any physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual dis-ease or block. After locating the frequency, she will release the cornerstone trapped emotion (picture a cornerstone and what that means in building - it's the same with an emotional frequency). The cornerstone is the instance of that type of emotion which is resonating the most and drawing others to it. Once removed, your body can rebalance and lessen the magnetic pull you have for this emotional frequency. 


In addition, Holly will channel a custom vibration to further balance your body and repell your specific complaint. Paring this with the release is very effective. 


Please note: due to the low price point, this is not a live session. Your cornerstone emotional release and a custom channeled frequency will be emailed to you. You can then reinforce the installed vibration by charging water, crystals, meditation, or simply repeating the number sequence to yourself. The released negative emotion will be gone forever. The frequency doesn't expire and can be used indefinately to perfect your energy on all levels.



Cornerstone Emotion

The cornerstone emotional energy contributing to whatever complaint or blocked goal you may have - physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual - will be released.
$44 is an unbelievable value and is only available for a short time!

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Thank the good Lord for putting Holly Hallowell in my life! Like an onion, she's helping me peel trapped emotions and during and after every session I feel great. The weights are being lifted!

Bobbi F.




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