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"The Universe is written in the language of vibrations. Numbers translate those frequencies and are the songs of existence, the keys to creation, and a gateway to balance." 

~ Holly Hallowell




Anahata will channel and install a unique Anahata Code and install it in your Energy Mattrix to be used by your body for whatever goal is desired. Your body may ask for reinforcement through a programmed crystal, water, or oil. Anahata will provide you with a label to use and easy instructions if your body requests it. She will also release the "cornerstone vibration" of the most imbalancing emotional frequency contributing to this complaint or block. 


Please note: due to the low price point, this is not a live session. Your channeled frequency and details of the release will be emailed to you. You can then reinforce the installed vibration by charging water, crystals or simply repeating the number sequence to yourself. They even work placed under your pillow at night.


The frequency doesn't expire and can be used indefinately to perfect your energy on all levels.


Anahata Codes can be used for highest good only. So they will be rendered useless if not for highest good. This means, sometimes what we think we want is not the best for us. The shifts which the freqency facilitates will be for our highest good.

Channeled Vibration

A custom frequency will be channeled for whatever complaint or goal you may have - physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.
The lowest vibration contributing to your concern will also be released.

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