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Limited Time Discount


Are you ready to define your next/first viral product or program... in just 2 hours?

If you can relate to any of these circumstances, you need to Discover Your Magic!

  • "I know what I have to offer is special, but it's as if no one can hear me!"

  • "I'm not sure what my purpose is, but I know it's not what I'm currently doing because it doesn't fulfill me!"

  • "I love what I do, I just wish more people knew about it!"

  • "I feel frozen, and while I am passionate about the transformation I provide, I don't know how to execute in a way that reaches many people at once!"

  • "I just want to make a good living making a difference!"

  • "Technology and Marketing are blocks I wish I could skip so that I can get on with delivering my actual transformation (the Magic I provide)!"

  • "If people only knew the depth of knowledge and the heart I have to improve their lives, they'd be lining up at my doorstep!"

  • "If I only had a large list or following, I know that I could become successful!"

  • "I'm not really sure I have anything special to contribute, but I want to be of service in these challenging times!"

  • "I just need to make some money or I will have to give up my dream and go back to working for someone else!"

  • "The world needs help, but I don't know what I can bring to the table!"

  • "Who am I to be teaching people, I'm not qualified at all!"



Don't give up! You've magnetized the answers!



We are experiencing extremely challenging times and people need your help! What you have to share is needed (even if you aren't yet sure how you can best contribute) because we are being called to make the world a better place.

The Discover Your Magic™ program will help you unlock and deliver your magic to those who need it!

And let's face it, job security no longer exists. In uncertain economic times, those who create their own economy survive. What better way to do so than while doing what you love and providing what's needed!


Image by Shane Rounce

Discover Your Magic™ is for...


Wisdom Seekers:

Those who lead through knowledge, logic, thought, proof, processes, things that have worked...

  • Professionals

  • Coaches

  • Doctors

  • Practitioners

This program will support you in taking action now (not when) and AS you become the expert and a leader in your space. 

Curious Explorers:

Those with a child-like fascination who lead through inspiration and what feels exciting and true for you... 

  • Artists

  • Adventurers

  • Inventors

  • 5D Visionaries

This program will support you in materializing your Magic into reality and setting up agile on-demand systems that work in the background while you continue to expand.

Compassionate Lightbearers:

Those who lead through the heart with compassion and through personal experiences...

  • Healers

  • Lightworkers

  • Social Workers

  • Teachers


This program will support you in seeing your value and readiness now. Your personal experience is just as powerful (if not more) as a lifetime of formal training. People need you!


Here's what you get in the Discover Your Magic™ Program - just $37 for a limited time!


The Fractal Information™ System:

The cornerstone of the Discover Your Magic™ program, I'll teach you how to Zoom in to your clients' needs so that you can Zoom out to offer what they really want, not what you think that they need. Trying to educate people on why they need you doesn't work! We have very limited bandwidth and filter in only the things we deem as needed. When you can answer their urgent pain and provide access to their desires as a gateway, they'll listen to the deeper transformations you have to offer, but you can't lead with all that. They don't know what they don't know! They only know what they need. So provide it! The fractal in formation.


5 Doses™ to Digest:

The path is laid out in 5 easy-to-listen-to "Doses" which make the information digestible and actionable. Each lesson is just 20 minutes or less, allowing you to tune-in fully and apply the information in a way that translates into profitable action and momentum forward. I will teach you how to do this for those you serve for the problems you solve (which will also be discovered inside the Doses!).



5 Zoomed-Out Summaries to embody the information:

Think of them as cheat sheets, these high-level overviews distill the essence of each Dose so that you can grasp and apply everything. Print them all out and put them in a binder, or read them on the screen - the lessons will not overwhelm you which is critical for applying the information you learn. I will teach you how to weave this approach into your own Portal Product™.

5 Zoomed-In Worksheets to Build Your Bliss Biz™ Quickly:

It's all fine and dandy to have the information, but when you set out to apply it, you may freeze. Overwhelm (especially due to things you've never done before) can prevent anyone from moving forward. These worksheets will guide you through the actual work to accomplish the information taught in the lesson. Your business will move forward into manifestation through action and clarity. So many Heartpreneurs get stuck when it comes to materializing their 5D visions into the 3D... no more! The assignments for each Dose will walk you through it all. 

Limited Time Discount





The clarity and creativity this program delivers is worth a fortune but is priced for all because I want you to:

  • Grow your coaching or healing business (or start one)

  • Establish your expertise within your niche

  • Fill your programs (or create them)

  • Reach the people who need you!

  • Create a profitable Portal Product™

  • Provide value to your clients by understanding their needs and providing solutions


Let me show you how to:

  • Unlock your full potential

  • Create viral products and programs that people can't get enough of

  • Quickly funnel clients into your high-end programs (even if you don't have any yet!) through a low-priced, high-value, digital impulse buy (I call a Portal Product™)

  • Get paid to build a list of buying clients

  • Give your ideal clients what they want, not what you think they need... and lead them to more!

It is my joy and passion to empower Heartpreneurs to discover, develop, and deploy their Magic, in as little as one week, so that they can make a difference doing what they love. I'd love to support you in making your dreams a reality, but you must take action. It's not enough to think about the things you could be doing to improve the world and create a life you love living, you've got to move. While that can be scary and uncertain, the path is clear and easy when you follow a proven system. The clearer the strategies and tactics, the more likely you are to move past the fear currently holding you back from living your Bliss Biz.

You can do this! Discover Your Magic™ is the key.





PS: You magnetized this information. Celebrate that synchronicity and follow the path to your bliss.




Who am i?

Anahata Holly Hallowell

I'm a Visionary Author and Channel of the Anahata Codes™ (the Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine) and Waterbending Rocks. I have four published books and host dozens of online courses to students around the world.

Testimonials for Discover Your Magic™

“The guidance available through this amazing Discover Your Magic course is absolutely Golden.
One of the biggest things stopping me from my forward movement was those inner questions running around; Who would listen to Me? Who would want what I offer? AND Anahata (within this course) took me by the hand and led me to more clarity and more awareness of the answers.
Alongside the information videos are magical handouts which helped to fine-tune who I am, what I have to offer and who could be attracted to my magic.
If you're looking at this course, the small price point might have you thinking that it's not going to offer much, but Anahata has obviously been where we're at and she's sharing her knowledge so that we can move forward.
Discover Your Magic not only addresses our clarity and forward momentum, it offers solutions, very usable solutions, which are then mapped out for a successful outcome.
Thanks Anahata, I loved the course and I can see my next steps clearly in creating my own Portal Product.”

LINDA - Queensland, Australia

"I was AMAZED at how fabulous Discover Your Magic has been for me to focus in on my business and help clarify and simplify my message and portal product(s)! I'm so excited to "zoom in then zoom out" to create urgency and solve problems by creating the solutions for my audience to transform their lives! I love everything Anahata teaches to magnetize our Magic to be able to work from wherever I want, whenever I want AND doing what I LOVE now!" - Maryann B., Utah, USA

"I've gained more and more self - awareness of my value (for the very first time in my life). During the "Discover your Magic" 5 audios-series I've felt much beyond encouraged, I've FELT immersed into a type of How-To-Towards Clarity-Mechanism and I've felt the sensation of receiving so much more than a $37 value information. I feel ready to take the next steps and I feel EXCITED to create a Portal Product! Thank you, Anahata!" - Raluca S., Italy

"From the start I recognized this program was based in Clarity, Focus, and Succinct expression; ideas that I have come to know in Anahata’s programs. This one offers its ideas expressed visually (videos with talking points & relevant photos), audibly through replays, and tactilely through homework assignments to write down one’s thoughts to ground them from the mental state & visually keep as reminders. The best presentations address as many senses as possible to maximize their effectiveness. Anahata models her own magic to lay the framework for us to do the same. Most memorable takeaway: Zoom in to Zoom Out as needed, in other words for me, write down your details as puzzle pieces then zoom out to create a unique Big Picture of your puzzle. Also focusing on where the client is right now is allowing them to bloom where they are planted, supporting them in removing any weeds or pathogens standing in their way then nourishing and hydrating them as needed to thrive from. Above all don’t let your mind make it complicated: KISS instead. Thank you, Anahata!" - Diana K., New Jersey, USA

"This course is fabulous. It is simply Divine! I love that we learn and provide our Magic through Compassion, Curiosity, and also through the Wisdom, we've all gained in our own lives. Curiosity is my Go-To since I'm always asking "what if?", 'why' and 'how could it be different'. My wisdom is now my touchstone as I begin my 60th year on planet earth - - and of course - - - my compassion feels like a cup running over. I also love that you've added Adventure !!! You have taught us that our Mess is our Medicine but sometimes that feels 'hard'; adventure on the other hand is upbeat. Our mess could be an adventure we went through! Personally, it is a very uplifting place you've brought us to in this teaching. I can't wait to complete my homework but wanted you to send a quick not after watching the Doses." - Lynann D. Colorado, USA

"Thank you so much for the inspiring and insightful Discover Your Magic program - wow - I loved the short videos and the simplicity of delivery of the content. You got to the basics quickly and I had many aha moments within minutes of watching the overview. I have tried many other offerings on Marketing and understanding my own niche - I found your methods and information much more informative and understandable - giving me many doable actions in doses feels less overwhelming. I feel more confident being able to accomplish impactful offerings making a bigger difference - my favourite video I think was 3 regarding Urgency and gave me more clarity on where I need to adjust my focus - I can't wait to rewatch, complete my homework and share more of my Magic with the ideal clients and people aligning with me! Thank you again!" - Kim H., Nova Scotia, Canada

“Discover Your Magic” is an easy listen, and could definitely help increase your visibility and the number of clients who want to work with you, but as with anything, you actually need to put in the time and effort to do the work! The worksheets are good as writing prompts to help you get clear on precisely what is your magic. The Overviews give a good synopsis of each dose for easy reference. If you listen to this program and work through the worksheets, you will receive more than $37 worth of value from the program." - Sybil, Kentuky, USA

"This program takes you step-by-step through the process of finding your bliss through your business. Meaningful questions help you clarify your process, your vision and your talents. Worksheets and summaries help you review as you complete each step. Prepare for a deep dive that will help you learn more about yourself and what you have to offer." C.D., New York, USA

"As an introvert, marketing has always been a source of fear for me. This course broke it down into magical bite-sized pieces. Making it much easier for me to understand and attempt to execute. Thank you, It was exactly what I needed." - C. Michelle J., Wyoming, USA

"I really enjoyed the Microdose Your Magic course. I like how you talked about finding that balance between overwhelming your client and under-delivering. And I really like the idea of providing them something smaller as a bridge to the solutions that they really need. I'm going to take a look at my current offerings and see how I can implement this." - Shelli P., Utah, USA

"Wow!! Your Discover Your Magic course is perfect timing for me on my journey! Your voice, tone, and pace are very easy to listen to. I really like how the videos were broken up into microdoses because it made it all very easy to follow. I feel super inspired to move forward! Thank you for this beautiful opportunity." - Amanda M., Ontario, Canada

"So many downloads! This is an amazing program that I can't wait to go through again and again. It helped  immediately guide me with a client I had been working with. Practical, simple, magical!" Jazmin G., 


Hurry! Before the price goes up.




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