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A free exploration of your desire for happiness and success and how to achieve it!


Is happiness a choice?

Well, we all can agree that you can't buy it, force it, or manufacture it. And oftentimes, those who are happiest are doing so despite inhospitable circumstance or fortune. In fact, those who manage to overcome and rise above usually carve meaning and deep satisfaction from the obstacles they have successfully navigated. This may propel them to want to liberate others from their similar bondage or pain. When we solve a problem and can offer that solution to others, we feel valued and the result is fulfillment. Our Mess is our Medicine.

But we've reached a point in our evolution where we can also rise through desire (and not in response to pain or necessity). This is evolution and ingenuity. 

It's what we came here for!


So happiness and success seem to go hand in hand, but it's the Flow State that we are really after, and that doesn't come at the end of a long road, but on every turn of the journey. We can not wait for our reward through achieving our vision, we must extract and savor the steps that get us there so that we don't lose sight of the why. If we are stressed out while trying to achieve our goals, we'll burn out. If things are too easy, we'll get bored and may never arrive either. And then there is your Energy Signature which is magnetizing in 4 different realities (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

There are 3 Hacks for Joy & Genius which I'd like to explore with you during this call. During this free digital event, I will teach you how to be, happily. The more Flow you experience, the more you unlock the doors to deeper contentment and valuable contribution. All areas of your life improve and passion is ignited within.


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What we desire is Flow.


A State of being where we are both challenged, yet capable. Being able to stretch into new territory while succeeding at the task at hand brings great satisfaction in the now moment and lasting fulfillment over time. From washing the dishes to running a marathon, when we are in the flow, we are happy. And when we are happy, we become inspired to deliver our best to the world. Inspiration and connection to Divine Intelligence (because we can hear it!) then gives way to our Genius. Our Potent Purpose and the passion to reach it emerges and we step into our power as a Creator.

Many of us exclude ourselves from our joy and potential by:


  • Focusing on the past and fearing it for the future

  • Allowing stress to contract and make erratic our energy field and expression

  • Making excuses 

  • Not being present because of the mundane and viewing the day-today as a chore

  • Energizing the obstacles of life rather than finding solutions

  • Closing our minds to the new and becoming rigid in default thoughts and behaviors 

  • Not believing we can reach our goals (whether health-related, relationship, financial, career, or personal)

Tune into this free exploration and I'll explain:

  • How to assign meaning towards even simple tasks in order to maximize joy along the way

  • The power of Goals and the granular components leading up to them which keep you motivated

  • The importance of focus and learning how to control where your attention goes

  • Your 3 Brains and the value of getting them to work in harmony with each other

  • How to automate the best-case scenario and deliver meaningful contribution which deepens your purpose and satisfaction with life

  • How to take ownership of your total Energy Signature in order to achieve your full potential


It's time to enjoy life, evolve, and tap into your potent purpose. 

God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will facilitate for others. The new world is being birthed through you and I am grateful!



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