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I offer many gifts on my website to anchore more light in the world. By raising your vibration, you raise the entire planets vibration. My gratitude and love for the healing work you are providing yourself access to you.


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Anahata Codes (Modality)


Assisting Frequencies are frequency articulations of something in nature that energetically vibrates at a resonance your energy body needs to balance on all levels for highest good.


By providing the intelligence of the extremely high vibrations of nature, Anahata Codes allows the heart to circulate the light and power from the Assisting Frequencies into your blueprint of health supporting cardiac coherence and thereby emitting bio-photons of love into the electromagnetic field of your body which balances on all levels. Anahata Codes are free.

The 7 Tools of Restoration (Course)


This 90-minute course is on-demand and ready to take when you are. 

Join Anahata as she explains the powerful tools you have been given and how to activate healing responses through using the 7 Tools of Restoration: Reflect, Release, Rewire, Replenish, Resonate, Reunite and Rejoice.

This life-chaning course is packed with valuable information. Register, and then click play.

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Sacred Space Guide (File)


Setting Sacred Space through intent and physical elements removes low-level energies and disruptions in order to have a balanced and protected space to amplify intent and high vibrations during a specific moment in time which calls for it.


Sacred Space is essential when entering your heart space or when facilitating healing.

This guide walks you through the why and how of setting sacred space. 

Money Transfusion Process (File)


This simple process shows you how to bless and purify your money so that it may circulate for highest good.
The layers of energetic debris on money has reached a critical point and needs purification consciously and immediately.


Thank you for blessing others through faciliating this process. 

Really Sphere Guide (File)


Fear vibrations (disruptions) affect our heart coherence. Coherence can be defined as “the quality of forming a unified whole”. That quality (and subsequently our health) is affected when fear (in any form) is introduced or maintained.
Download the guide for a deeper dive into fear, its many forms, what it does to our balance, and how you can shed the fear vibrations and return to balance.

Heart Breath Blueprint Activation (Audio)


This is a free guided meditation given by Anahata which will allow you to experience Heart Breath and use it to remove any energetic distruptions which aren't yours as well as dissipate and release any emotional or mental energies from your energy field.  


The Heart Breath activates your blueprint of health to reveal your whole, healed, and healthy self. 


Download the MP3 and play it as often as you'd like. 



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