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Anahata Codes Webinar

Learn How Assisting Frequencies Can Provide Holistic Health and Ascension Support

I'm so excited for your journey with Anahata Codes to begin!

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The response was overwhelmingly positive for the first two webinars which were held on Oct. 20th and 24th so I have scheduled one more encore presentations. 


It will take place on:


Wednesday October 28th at 5 pm MST 


What's this all about? Please attend to find out (there is no recording!)... but in a nutshell:


The innate healing qualities of crystals, flower essences, totem animals, planetary energies, trees, essential oils and more are a frequency away! On this webinar, you'll learn how Anahata Codes articulate these qualities as codes that your energy body understands and can use for highest good. You'll receive the Anahata Codes as a gift for attending!

Did you know that there are assisting frequencies available right now to help you release dis-ease and elevate with grace?


Yep, it’s true. And people have been using them for centuries. Things like crystals, flower essences, essential oils have long been known for their healing and therapeutic qualities.


And I was using them as well for myself and clients. But, I became frustrated by the depth of knowledge needed to select– and the depth of my pockets to purchase– what I felt I needed!


But guess what… it turns out you don’t need the physical item to use its assisting frequencies! Everything is connected energetically if you know how to access it.


I know, here’s where it gets into that sci-fi space of “what the heck is she talking about!?”


I’m talking about vibrations baby! Positive vibes. But not just vibes, frequencies.


I was given a profound download about how we can access these assisting frequencies via codes which our energy bodies understand and use as is needed for highest good. Energy working with energy.


That’s right– we can harness the innate healing qualities found in crystals, flower essences, totem animals, planetary energies, trees, and more! I’m calling them the Anahata Codes.


They’ve made such a huge difference for me and my clients, I’m on a mission to share it with everyone.


Anahata codes are free, but it seems a lot of people want to know more about how it works and how they can use Anahata Codes to their fullest potential– so I’ve put together a no-cost webinar training. Fill out the above form to claim your spot.



Anahata Codes Webinar Training
“Shift Out of Dis-ease and Into Perpetual Well-Being with Anahata Codes”
Wednesday October 28th at 5 pm MST 



Here’s just a peek at what I’ll be covering in this ground-breaking webinar:

  • The “science” behind vibrational medicine (yes, science is catching up!)

  • Why we seem to be “stuck” in our dis-ease day after day and how you can break the cycle

  • Tips on setting sacred space and why it’s important

  • How you can access your higher-self through muscle-testing

  • The types of assisting frequencies that are available through Anahata Codes and why they are so special

  • How to navigate the Anahata Code Process (Ask/Accept/Align/Hold)


Seriously– I want you to know how to use Anahata Codes to change your life, your clients lives (if you are an energy healer), and your loved ones lives for highest good!


Sure, releasing energetic disruptions is a wonderful thing, but what if there were something that would also elevate you further to snap you into the highest vibration possible today? The today that plants the seeds of tomorrow and everyday thereafter. The today that requires immediate results for lasting well-being lest we snap back into our blueprint of imbalance we subconsciously have accepted.


So make some plans to join me!


“See” you on October 28th!

P.S. Anahata Codes are for newbies and energy healing practitioners alike.


P.P.S. My day-to-day life changes for the better each and every time I use Anahata Codes.


You can do the same thing! Join me and get the inspiration and information you need!


All attendees will receive the Anahata Codes.



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