90 Minute Live Course Delivers:

A deeper understanding of how Vibrational Medicine works
The know-how to program carriers (oil, water, crystals)
Access to and expertise with using Anahata Codes to facilitate healing yourself, loved ones, and clients
Another facet of energy healing added to transferable skills
The ability to connect with nature in ways you never have before and the freedom to share it with others
Entrainment to flow gracefully with the ever-changing energy on Gaia
Limitless potential to create your own frequency infused products and programs

It's a comprehensive on-demand training after the live delivery has concluded - complete with a member center featuring recordings and all the reference documents you need (as often as you need to refer to them!

$199  $99


You have done such a wonderful job with all handouts and the audio was perfect. I have never attended a class with such a generous host. The value you are providing us is unheard of. All the links, so we can absorb and really understand everything. Amazing. I am THRILLED!! I feel so BLESSED. Thank you Anahata!
Kelly S.
Frequency Alchemist Graduate

I’m very impressed with what you’ve put together—tons of great, well thought out and presented information and helpful handouts. In fact I’d love to have at least 3 days to only focus on absorbing all the info you’ve provided—it’s awesome.
Frequency Alchemist Graduate 


I loved this course, so informative and life changing, can't wait to use the frequencies!
Anonymous Survey Participant
Frequency Alchemist Graduate

I have to share with you my delight at the course, its content and your delivery. Many many deep and gracious thanks. It joined up several 'missing links ' for me, and my head and heart resonate with joy on digestion of the information. I thoroughly look forward to using the new toybox/ toolbox!
Caroline P.

Frequency Alchemist Graduate


Don't let it block you from stepping into your power and flowing with abundance. Email us through this form and be sure to include your PayPal email. A custom invoice will be sent to you for enrollment.

You may choose to divide the payment into as many as 2 months.

God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will facilitate for others. The new world is being birthed through you and I am grateful!