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Anahata Codes Webinar

Learn How Assisting Frequencies Can be programmed into crystals and water

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"This is one of my favorite topics! The possibilities are literally endless! You will leave this webinar with inspiration and the tools to manifest boundless creativity and transformation."  ~ Anahata

Water and crystals are powerful holders and conductors of frequencies. Join me as I take you on a fascinating journey of potential and show you how and why water and crystals can be programmed to deliver healing and balancing vibrations to yourself and loved ones.
Alchemy is defined as a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation.
I know, it sounds "magical" until you understand the science behind frequency medicine and the fact that your body is made of and uses frequencies in every aspect of your life already and then it becomes Divinely magical that we were made this way. Just think about how you can change your life by using this knowledge consciously! 
The free Frequency Alchemy webinar will take place on:
Friday January 15th at 12 pm (Noon) MST 
What's this all about? Please attend to find out... but in a nutshell:
The innate healing qualities of flower essences, totem animals, planetary energies, trees, essential oils and crystals themselves can be added to water and crystals which hold them like wrappers to deliver those healing frequencies to your energy layers for holistic health and ascension support. In this webinar, you'll learn the science behind this phenomenon and the limitless potential you have to create and use frequency recipes. As a gift for attending, you'll receive a special frequency recipe (a ready to use label to charge crystals, oil, or water).

Did you know that there are assisting frequencies available right now to help you release dis-ease and elevate with grace?


Yep, it’s true. And people have been using them for centuries. Things like crystals, flower essences, essential oils have long been known for their healing and therapeutic qualities.


I was given a profound Divine Download about how we can access these assisting frequencies via codes which our energy bodies understand and use as is needed for highest good. I call them Anahata Codes and they are essentially assisting frequencies.


We can program these assisting frequencies into carriers such as water and crystals which will broadcast those vibrations for us perfectly and powerfully to our heart which uses the information in a complex yet simplistic way to heal yourself. Don't worry, you don't have to know how, you were already built to seek balance and your trillions of cells are busy at their unique jobs doing just that.


Where can you get healing frequencies? Anahata codes are free and can be delivered to your auric field, but using carriers (water and crystals) to deliver them was a favorite amongst my Master Class students– so I’ve put together a no-cost webinar training. Fill out the above form to claim your spot.



Anahata Codes Webinar Training
“Frequency Alchemy: Using Crystals and Water to Deliver Customized Healing Frequencies”
Friday January 15th at 12 pm (Noon) MST



Here’s just a peek at what I’ll be covering in this ground-breaking webinar:

  • The "science" behind carriers (water, crystals, oils) and frequencies

  • How to find the blend of frequencies your body needs the most

  • How to resonate with the assisting frequencies of essential oils, flower essences, trees, planetary energies, and more!

  • The limitless applications for this biotechnology as a self-help tool for yourself and loved ones

  • How you can become a Frequency Alchemist and create limitless recipes for limitless needs


So make some plans to join me!


“See” you on January 15th!

P.S. All attendees will receive the Anahata Codes in addition to a ready-to-use frequency recipe label. 


P.S.S. Be prepared to leave the webinar inspired and the juices flowing with the limitless ways you can apply this cutting-edge biotechnology.



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