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Anahata Codes Webinar

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What's this all about? ...but in a nutshell:


The innate healing qualities of crystals, flower essences, totem animals, planetary energies, trees, essential oils and more are a frequency away! During this webinar, you'll learn how to use them (the Anahata Codes) to heal your past, present and future through intention and the use of the Assisting Frequencies. The codes articulate the balancing qualities you need in a way your energy body understands and can use for highest good. You'll receive the Anahata Codes as a gift for attending!

A special intention process will be disclosed and provided in digital format so you can begin using this technique right away.

Did you know that there are assisting frequencies available right now to help you retroactively heal your past in the present for the best future possible? Ways to go back and balance any point in time for any reason?


Yep, it’s true. People have been using things like crystals, flower essences, essential oils for thousands of years.


And I was using them as well for myself and clients. But, I became frustrated by the depth of knowledge needed to select– and the depth of my pockets to purchase– what I felt was needed!


But guess what… it turns out you don’t need the physical item to use its assisting frequencies! Everything is connected energetically if you know how to access it. Time is just an illusion and can be affected by speed and gravity, it is also affected by the observer - you! And, because you have access to all things through your connection to all things, you can use this connection to change the now by sending support to the past.


I know, here’s where it gets into that sci-fi space of “what the heck is she talking about!?”


I’m talking about vibrations baby! Positive vibes. But not just vibes, frequencies.


I was given a profound Divine download about how we can access these assisting frequencies via codes which our energy bodies understand and use as is needed for highest good. Energy working with energy.


Everything is just energy and information and because we are connected to all (yes, we are really all one) you can tune into anything you want for the purpose of activating a healing response. And I'm not just talking physical healing, but emotional, mental, and even spiritual. 


That’s right– we can harness the innate healing qualities found in crystals, flower essences, totem animals, planetary energies, trees, and more! I've been guided to call them the Anahata Codes and share them with the world for free.


They’ve made such a huge difference for me and my clients, I’m on a mission to share it with everyone.


Recently, I've been guided to use the codes to hone in on and balance past, present and even future elements on your path to restoration. There is a special process that I want to share with you to help you deliver your intent in the most effective way possible.



Anahata Codes Webinar Training
“How to Heal Your Past, Present and Future using Anahata Codes”
October 28th at Noon MST



Here’s just a peek at what I’ll be covering in this ground-breaking webinar:

  • The power of intention and how to use it to balance the past, present, and future

  • How to navigate the Anahata Code Process (Ask/Accept/Align/Hold) to specifically heal your past, present and future

  • The science of time and the reality it is just an illusion

  • A special process to go back in time and provide assistance to change the now and create your best future


I want you to know how to use Anahata Codes to change your life, your clients lives (if you are an energy healer), and your loved ones lives for highest good!


Whether you are new to Anahata Codes or have been using them for a while, this information is brand new and life-changing.


So make some plans to join me!


“See” you on Friday!



P.S. Anahata Codes are for newbies and energy healing practitioners alike.


Join me and get the inspiration and information you need!


All attendees will receive the Anahata Codes and Guide as well as the "process" discussed to address the past, present and future.

I'm so excited for your journey with Anahata Codes to  progress!



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