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Heart Breath Meditation

Heart Breath Meditation - Anahata
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Use your heart breath to cleanse your energetic field and activate your ideal blueprint.


Energy layers extend 15 feet plus outwards in all directions. Our bodies come with a blueprint of perfect health. You are really healed, whole, and healthy. The only thing causing dis-ease is the dense fear-based vibrations we are bombarded with daily. Namely fear (and all its forms). Some of these disruptive vibrations are not our own and some are.


This guided meditation is designed for you to heal from your heart, not your mind. When we use our minds to heal, we create polarity and the opposite of what we want is present at the same time. When we use our hearts to heal, we enter a sacred space where miracles happen.


I will guide you into your heart and we will use your heart’s breath to cleanse your energy field. You may do this as often as needed but Anahata recommends doing so in the morning and evening for at least a few days.

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