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93% of us have a Heart-Wall: Emotional baggage surrounding the heart in an attempt to protect it from being broken.
$33 Heart-Wall Session for all Dads if booked in June.

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"Heart-Walls are very common and lead to depression, difficulty expressing and accepting love, heart-conditions, numbed emotions, and they even affect abundance negatively on all levels.

~ Holly Hallowell


Holly uses The Emotion Code to access your higher self and will facilitate the release of the negative trapped emotions which surround your heart. It's a very gentle and loving process and you'll feel lighter and more love with most experiencing profound and lasting positive effects.


Each session is unique and your body will determine what you are ready to release, in order of highest priority, as well as when you are done for the day.

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My four year old blew me away today with her insight.On a physical level, Heart-Walls can cause numbed emotions, inability to give and receive love, depression, neck and shoulder pain and heart issues.


93% of us have Heart-Walls and I can't help but think about how much different the world would be if that number were flipped.



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