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What is the Immunity Frequency Elixir?


It's a powerful ready-to-use "frequency recipe" which will allow you to make an unlimited supply of water (carrying the Assisting Frequencies) for you and your family. Water is a powerful carrier (this is backed by science) and it will hold the frequencies it's been given which will then be activated by your energy field when you drink it. 


The Frequency Recipe is a label of Anahata Codes which you apply to water.


The Immunity Elixir Recipe is a blend of frequencies which deliver the immune system boosting intelligence of 7 Anahata Codes. The codes chosen for this recipe include essential oils, a crystal, meridian support, elements, and a powerful immune system balancing number. 


The frequencies of the qualities your body will have access to include:

  • Immune system stimulation and balance

  • Lymphatic system cleanse

  • Respiratory support and balance (sore throats, coughs, and common colds)

  • Natural pain relief, fever-reducing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antibiotic and antiseptic qualities

  • Detoxing and blood cleansing


Note: Anahata Codes articulate the intelligence of things which hold these qualities and deliver them to your energy field so that it may use them to balance. Nothing is required on your part other than drinking the charged water. You're body will do the rest. You can not "overdose" or "underdose" as it is your own body using the codes to find homeostasis perfectly as is needed for each individual person. The frequency recipe is safe for kids, pets, and adults. There is no force or manipulation, your body takes what it needs and disregards the rest.


Also, please understand that it's your own energy doing the healing and that it requires energy to do so. If you notice no improvements, it could be that you didn't have additional energy available to "activate" the assisting frequencies. In this case, rest and healthy food is what's needed to build your energy reservoirs so you can take the assistance you need as you continue to offer the frequencies to your energy layers.

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