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The problem with New Year's Resolutions?

Your vibes don't lie. If you don't "believe" what you are setting out to do, you're actually amplifying the opposite of what you desire! Like when you are on a diet... doesn't food just look soooo good when you have decided you aren't going to indulge? So much more than when you weren't paying attention or counting calories! And the gym seems impossible when you have decide you're going to lose a certain amount of pounds within a certain time frame...

Why? Because focus amplifies your true expectations (and for many of us, that means our doubts and perception of the effort required to achieve).


This is why affirmations can also go polar on you. As we focus upon the things we want, and notice their absence, we often block resonance with the very things we desire... and they don't manifest.

Affirmations are a tricky thing because we get what we are really asking for, not what we are saying. We magnetize what we are really believing about the thing we want (which is usually confirming its absence rather than allowing it to flow to us through the Law of Attraction).


The Intention Declaration is designed to stay vague enough to be “believable” within your current reality while powerfully drawing to you those things you desire. It is my hope that it feels good, realistic, and that you are able to find such a state of happiness while completing it, that you can marinate in the blessings that are surely on their way to you… without them having to be here first in order to enjoy them! It is within that space of gratitude and faith that you will allow.


So be it! And it is so.


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God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will facilitate for others. The new world is being birthed through you and I am grateful!



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