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Ollin Talk Radio

Jenn McMurdo interviews Anahata about the Anahata Codes.

Aired Weds. March 2nd, 2016


The Prinzing Show

Marlene interviews Holly about the Anahata Codes and also shares valuable insight.
By Holly Hallowell
The Prinzing Show - Anahata
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Aired Weds. September 23, 2015




I don't know where to start. I have had a couple of sessions with Holly and immediately after I felt lighter, fresher and more at ease. Life has thrown some traumatic events in my path in recent years and even after much work on myself I was having trouble getting to the next level. Now I feel I can start to continue to move forward and evolve into the woman and life God has planned for me and my daughters. She did some work on my daughter as well and I can already see a different light in her. I am very blessed to have connected with Holly and was amazed at how much sense everything made. I had read the book by Dr. Nelson but seeing it first hand (well we did distance healing, but that amazed me even more) was incredible. I am beyond blessed and thankful to be able to start moving on into our future. I have even given thought to eventually becoming certified myself.


Bobbi Marie F.

Gift of Healing TV

Choosing, Cleaning, and Connecting to Crystals
By Holly Hallowell

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Survive & Live Well

Elyn Jacobs interviews Holly Hallowell about The Emotion Code. What is it and how can it help you?

Replay Link.

Aired March 31st, 2015



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