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5-Day Manifestation Challenge

Why do some succeed and others fail if it's not about skill or hard work?


It really isn't about skills or hard work, if it were, some billionaires would be broke, and all people working two-jobs would be millionaires. 


The short end of it is that all our doubt, procrastination, indecision, etc. is simply because we're looking at our life from the perspective of the past and the things we've already identified with.


Our subconscious won't let us move into potentially unsafe territory and that's a problem.


Because everything we desire to have that we don't is going to be something we don't currently have.


So when we get a glimpse of our Higher Self in a tangible way, we end up activating major resistance based on the identity we have now, rather than going for it towards the new.


The key being, most people then think that something is wrong with them! This couldn't be farther from the truth and has lead so many (including me!) on a wild goosechase into various modalities and "healing" processes. 


We naturally go searching for answers to fix ourselves... when all along, there is nothing wrong with you.


You are perfect the way you are. Sure, you may say, then why don't I have the perfect relationships, job, financial freedom, health, fill-in-the-blank with something else you desire because you think it's missing.


Rather than just aligning with our future feelings we end up blocking ourselves from the life we want to live due to resistance. We just aren't allowing ourself to move into new areas of the Fractal of life we're creating because we can't yet identify with it.

There's a lot more too it, but I have a Meta-Morphosis process that meets you where you are, as already Whole, and then simply dissolves any past limiters through a special technique which uses the Anahata Codes and Waterbending Rocks... and even with just your intention.


Nothing to repair or mend or be good enough for. Simply a new CREATOR map that can confidently be fulfilled through Coding in Assisting Frequencies that already exist and BECOMING what you seek through having it now.

Rather than problem-solving, we accept, transmute, and create!

If that sounds good, save the date for June 22nd at High Noon EST. We'll go for 90-minutes each day for 5 days.


You're going to come out of it a totally transformed person not because there's something wrong with the current you, but simply because the future you won't happen unless you stop identifying with the current BS and self-sabotage which tells you you're flawed. You can really have it now! Let me show you.

You don't have to attend live but must listen in replay that day and for 5-days to access the lessons.

Finally - we can move without resistance and create what we used to sabotage.

Registration for this 5-Day Challenge is just... $0. Yep - nada. But if you'd like to donate, feel free to do so.


The you that you are right now is NOT the reason you aren't hitting all your goals, it's the way you're structuring your reality and what you're choosing to focus on.

It’s an honor to remind you how simple this can be!

Let's tap into ALL THINGS and resistance to NONE. You're an alchemis that can create and experience any reality.


When is it? Joining LIVE isn't required as the replay is just as valuable, but the first day will begin on Tuesday, June 22nd at 12:30 EST and will 90 minutes.

It doesn't matter how many decades of limiting-conditioning you've had... tune in, get the wisdom, and you decide where to go from here. As you always have... even in this moment.


God bless you on your path to creating the wholeness that is already YOU . The new world is being birthed through you as you are, and I am grateful!



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