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Anahata Money Transfusion Process


Money is collective and circulated from person to person receiving energetic imprints at each transaction. These energies join with other similar energies along the way and can turn into quite powerful “entities” influencing us in ways we aren’t consciously aware of.


When you receive money, what feelings do you have? It most likely varies depending upon your situation, but there is no doubt that the higher vibrations of charity and gratitude are a small percentage of the biofield of most money. Money as a whole lives in the denser vibrations of fear-based emotions as it collects intensity on its journey by resonating with the energy already accumulated. 


The problem is, we absorb energy from our environment and from others. Unless you shield yourself prior to having any interaction with money, you are not shielding yourself from the toxic energy found in money and it is contributing to imbalance, dis-ease and abundance blocks to varying degrees. Removing these energies will increase abundance and release disruptive energies.

Request The Money Transfusion Assisting Frequency 

This simple process shows you how to bless and purify your money so that it may circulate for highest good.


The layers of energetic debris on money has reached a critical point and needs purification consciously and immediately. Thank you for blessing others through faciliating this process. 

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