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Single Session : $144


A private session in-person at Earthling Energy Spa or via Skype or phone. Please allow 90 minutes for your session. I keep going until your body is done releasing for the day which is sometimes 45 minutes but can be up to 90 (especially for first-time clients who require additional information as we go). The majority of the time is spent facilitating The Emotion Code process, but can be focused on Anahata Codes or Balancing by Numbers depending upon your concerns and goals.

3 Sessions : $355


Save by booking three sessions. 

Sphere of Light Blueprint Activation: $99


A deeper version of this free guided meditation, Anahata will activate your blueprint of health through a meditation healing. Using the Sphere of Light from Source, she will activate the perfect flow of energy by allowing the blueprint to snap that which isn't aligned back into perfection. All that isn't yours will be released and that which is yours will be cleansed and elevated. 

One-on-one sessions


Anahata selects a limited number of people to work with one-on-one. If she can't help you personally due to her busy schedule of teaching, summits, channeling, and expansion, you may wish to contact a Certified Anahata Codes Practioner for an Anahata Codes session.

Each person session with Anahata encorporates The Emotion Code, Anahata Codes, Balancing By Numbers, and Regeneration Healing as dictated by your body and interests. Anahata connects to your higher self to faciliate the release of imbalances contributing to any issue (mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual) which you may be facing so a variety of techniques are often needed to achieve the best results.


Here's a list of my most common offerings, however, custom packages based on your unique needs an circumstances are also available. Contact Anahata for more information.

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Channeled Frequency: $66


A custom vibration will be channeled for whatever complaint or goal you may have. 


I also release the "cornerstone emotion" of the most imbalancing emotional frequency contributing to this complaint or block. 


This is not a live session. Your channeled frequency and details of the release will be emailed to you. You can then reinforce the installed vibration by charging water, crystals or simply repeating the number sequence to yourself. 



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