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Have you dreamed of assisting others while supporting yourself? The 9-5 is an outdated grid system which Coaches, Healers, and Visionaries are expanding beyond...

If you're still working 9-5 or by the client and it's sucking the life-force out of you, it's time to evolve into sharing your gifts with those you came to assist WHILE receiving in abundant exchange. Those who coach others into some sort of transformation are in a Billion Dollar Industry that is rapidly growing, and they don't work by the hour, they work by the transformation. They set their hours, and decide who they want to work with. And, with technology enabling us to reach unlimited people at once, you owe it to yourself to learn more about how to discover, distill and deploy your "especially pure" Medicine. 

You're a Coach, not a healer. You empower people to transform themselves. How would aligning yourself with that type of service allow you to receive in ways you couldn't when you took on the entirety of transformation. You don't heal anyone! You assist them in activating their own transformation... the limiting "duty" of healers has been lifted. It's not only okay to Get Paid to deliver your gifts, it's how it works! Those you serve are waiting for your guidance when you can get out of the mindset of a one-sided miracle occurring... it's an energy exchange! That is true empowerment and fulfillment.

If you:


  • Are ready to empower yourself to be the leader you came here to be delivering your unique gifts

  • Want to thrive financially as you build your tribe

  • Realize your abundance as you shower the world with your legacy

  • Are ready to step up and into the bliss business you have envisioned 

  • Want to end the confusion and stop settling for less!


Let me frame the blueprint so that you can Get Paid to BECOME You.

Apply for the Vishuddha Mastery Program

Download the form and email it to

The Vishuddha Mastery Program walks you step-by-step through the 'Get Paid to Become You' method by delivering not only teaching, but personal coaching, group masterminds, and all the physical tools to implement the strategies that will align you with your Bliss Biz. It will light a path of clarity and ease. One that demystifies how to establish your coaching business or healing practice on a flourishing foundation which supports and ignites further passion and creativity as you build your empire serving those who need you. This program can cut out 10 - 15 years of trial and "error" and propel you into the life you have imagined. It also removes self-sabotage and limiting beliefs which are preventing you from believing you can accomplish your goals.

When you apply...

  • Anahata will personally review your application

  • If she believes she can assist you*, she'll invite you to a 30-minute discovery session during which she'll explain the entire journey in detail so that you can decide if it's the step you've been waiting for

*Filling out the application doesn't insure entry because the program is an invite-only program. 

God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will facilitate for others. The new world is being birthed through you and I am grateful!



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