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- The Code Quests -

Quest Four: Calling in Your Soul Family

Get ready to magnetize your Soul Family. This quest uncovers the symbols and clues to help you find those that will support your Vision so that you can boldly step into your Purpose together!


Explore the Codes You'll Uncover in Quest Four:


Journey Four:
Calling in Your Soul Family

Mission: Intention and amplification, Mastermind Flow and

Ingenuity, Comfort, joy and understanding, and

Clarity of Vision/Accountability.

Codes Facilitated:
And they will know you by: The code you choose can be

used to either facilitate the above: Power of Intention

amplification, Mastermind Flow & Ingenuity, Comfort, joy

and understanding, and Clarity of Vision and Accountability.

OR… A sign, symbol, feeling, thought, circumstance,

awareness of the Code you chose will serve as confirmation that you have found someone in your Soul Family or that they are asking you to come forth to them. 

And you will know them by: This is the Code which will “speak for you”. It will go before you to clarify your resonance and crystalize the offering of your presence within the group setting that it would most benefit.  


When we leave the nest of the known, and things begin to get interesting, we find that we are not alone. There are others that are at the same corner of their own Fractals experiencing similar desires and similar concerns. Our Soul Family begins to flocks to us through the magnetism of our singular song of freedom. 

Zooming out we see that they were already always a part of us. And although we could feel them, now they appear physically providing much strength and motivation. 

Gathering increases our comfort and the likelihood that we will keep moving forward on our Quest. We aren’t alone! Nor should we feel alone. There are others that get it. That will stand with you. That want to grow with you. And you must find them. 


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God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will facilitate for others. The new world is being birthed through you and I am grateful!




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