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Hosted by Anahata 

The Quantum Field connects you to all things. You are the Author with limitless choice. Come remember.

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FACT: We have access to the total pattern and can zoom in on whatever we choose to frame our reality.

FACT: 99.99% of everything is energy and information, solid mass accounts for a mere .01% of 'physicality'.

FACT: Your body doesn't know the difference between what you think is happening and what is actually happening, which means the ALL is mental.

FACT: When you change the energy, you change the manifestation of the mass.

FACT: Your DNA includes 99.9% "junk DNA" which is actually waiting to be programmed and upgraded.

FACT: Your experiences are a combination of your desires plus expectations.


We are here to master our ability to decipher energy and information and to birth the new through our response. We are living fractals with access to all things through our unification with all things.

It's easy to get distracted by things such as fear (of ill-health, of poverty, of loss of love, of death, of lack of purpose) and this can perpetuate stress as we call forth our greatest fears through focus upon them.

Mastery isn't about denial, it's about total acceptance of what IS, with no dwelling on the past or future, centered purely in the Now moment (our place of power). Powerful unification and restoration tools are available to help you remember. 

It's time to lift the veil of confusion, fear, and separation, and emerge as your Sovereignty (and worthy!) self. The self that is beyond the persona (and not the Ego). The highest expression of who you truly are in order to get on with your Soul Mission and Potent Purpose in this time of great Global Transformation into unification.

Quantum Within

You've been on a path back to your fullest expression and perhaps have been receiving many requests from your Higher Self to get on with it. A sense of urgency may be alerting you...

NOW is the time.

The clarity we will explore during this Workshop includes:

  • The nature of reality and your role as Creator

  • How we can delay our potential and how to end self-sabotage

  • The path to optimal well being and satisfaction

  • Quantum tools that are available to support you into cultivating the life you dream of

  • PLUS: I'll be installing a special Code during the workshop that ushers in and amplifies a powerful new cycle of progress and expansion - holding within it the resonance to transform your entire life.

Whether you're new to Quantum self-mastery, or curious about ways to improve your life during challenging times, join me for this life-changing event that will set you firmly on your path to evolution. This workshop is for Frequency Alchemists of all phases of growth. You will receive the layering of the message you are ready for, and make use of the content in the most productive way for you in your current circumstance and vantage.

The upgrade is happening. We are being asked to step up and remember who we are.

See you in the workshop.

God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will facilitate for others. The new world is being birthed through you and I am grateful!



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