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Fear or Love?

"There are only two states of being: fear and love. All the other emotions are subsets of these. Love being the highest vibration (lightest) and fear the lowest (densest). Love illuminates and heals, fear causes separation and dis-ease. Fear in its many blends of frequencies has created a thick "veil" which keeps us from remembering who we really are. But it's worse than that, it is affecting all energy layers and is the reason for our physical imbalances and most all of our pain and suffering on Earth. To return to our whole, healed, and perfect selves, we must release fear and form new responses. When we do this together, we can change the world." ~Anahata
Under your fear, you’re Really Sphere™

We were wired with fear for a reason; survival. Fight or flight was critical while navigating dangerous terrain as hunters and gatherers. Those instincts are no longer needed. We’ve “conquered” our environment and in doing so, created an illusion of separation. In this illusion, mankind has turned against nature and allowed the Ego to reign supreme. All this has done is exhausted the world’s resources in an effort for control and has caused unnecessary conflict and competition. It is critical now to realize we are all one and to flow with nature instead of in an attempt to control it. We must return again within to conquer our internal environment before we destroy ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth herself.


The Really Sphere Guide dives into this ancient truth and provides you with simple and effective ways to drop your fear and embrace love on all levels.


Why does this matter?


Because these fear vibrations (disruptions) affect our heart coherence. Coherence can be defined as “the quality of forming a unified whole”. That quality (and subsequently our health) is affected when fear (in any form) is introduced or maintained.


To make it worse, our society insures we live in fear due to our demanding lifestyles and societal norms.


Download the guide for a deeper dive into fear, its many forms, what it does to our balance, and how you can shed the fear vibrations and return to balance.


Are you ready to wake up to your true self and embrace your best life?

Really Sphere™

Under your fear, you’re Really Sphere™
Are you stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of fear-based emotions and thoughts? They are affecting more than you may think, but you have the ability to shed it all. Are you up for the challenge?

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