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Referral Program

If you’ve got someone in your life who you would love to support, you can use the email on the left to introduce us.
As a thank you, once they book a session, your next session is $22.

Prefer I reach Them Directly?

To make this easy for you, I’ve written a sample email below. You just need to edit the email to fit your voice and then send. Please Cc me so I can personally connect with your referrals.

Subject: I want to introduce you to someone awesome!


Hi (person you want to refer name),


I want to introduce you to Holly Hallowell. She's an expert in helping people with ___________ (whatever the person is struggling with). She uses a technique called The Emotion Code to help you release negative trapped emotions which are contributing to imbalances manifesting as dis-ease. But most of all Holly has a huge heart and loves helping people.


She is the real deal (share your experience if you are moved to). I thought of you because you’ve shared that you’ve been struggling with ____________ (problem) and I was hoping this introduction could support you. Holly is quite booked, but has offered to give you a free consultation. Her website is And her number is _______  (get this from me).


I also copied her on this email so you can respond to her this way as well. I recommend you give her a call because I know she can help. Let me know if you have any questions.


Warmly, (your name)

Name *

Email *


Holly will contact you shortly.



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