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Remap Your Subconscious to Experience Your Desires

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Remap with Codes

A clarifying journey hosted online with Anahata

Become Your Desires

By now, you realize the vast majority of our daily magnetism is running on the background due to other maps of vibration which we’ve accepted along our journey as “the way things go”. 

If you aren't up to speed, watch this powerful presentation where I explain.

To save energy, we leave these

predeterminations to our Subconscious Mind under the concerning care of our Ego whose job it is to keep us safe from the unknown and all potential harm that may come from this unknown. 

Like a curmudgeon of a Grandpa who has determined that “all the teens of the world have gone crazy these days”, our judgments swiftly choose the familiar including the limiting self-beliefs and downright damaging emotional cycles. 

The limiting programs we play are often installed at a young age through a combination of internal and external events which have positioned them at truth. That truth goes unchallenged and can lead to health issues, relationship issues, abundance issues, and emotional issues. It can affect all aspects of our lives and affects our ability to snap out of painful cycles of dysfunction and toxicity because we aren't aware that we are playing these damaging programs. 

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Let's Take Back Our Power!

Do you have a health issue which you can't seem to resolve? Or a relationships pattern which cycles around? Perhaps you have issues achieving the goals you have related to your professional life...

Chances are, you've got self sabotage going on in the form of subconscious programming which is preventing you from being a vibrational match to your desires.

And guess what? 

It doesn't matter how Spiritual you are if you've mastered the Law of Attraction...

When your subconscious mind is defaulting to limiting programs which activate unconscious thought patterns and emotional responses, until you can reprogram those "habits", you will remain a vibrational mismatch to your goals, no matter how mindful or optimistic you are.

Yes, living from the NOW is infinitely important and it's a cornerstone of what Anahata Codes are all about, but if you don't also address the "past" in the form of rewiring your outdated patterns, you're missing out on the single-most pivotal shift you can make in aligning with and experiencing the future you envision and desire.


It comes down to how a human thinks automatically: 

  • It gets confusing for most because they are genuinely focused on achieving their goals, but unless they rewire their default programs, they have little chance of ever stepping into the reality they desire because consciousness isn't enough.

  • It’s a silent predicament because you can't consciously see the program being played. It’s our own invisible behavior running on the background and sabotaging aligning with our desires.

“95% of who we are by the time we’re 35 years old is a memorized set of behaviors, emotional reactions, hardwired attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that function like a computer program.


So then, a person can say with their 5% of conscious mind:

I want to be healthy.
I want to be happy.
I want to be free.

But the body is on a whole different program.”

 - Dr. Joe Dispenza

What's the answer?

So… how to change these devastating programs that reach into all aspects of our well being?

If using our 5% conscious brain does nothing to remap… no matter our best intentions… How do we override and rerecord the programs we are playing automatically and without our conscious awareness?

Conscious living:


Choices in the Now + Remapping Past + Upgrading into Future

These elements are achieved and nurtured during a brand-new 3-month clarifying journey hosted by Anahata.

Scroll down for the details...

Remember and Realize Your Potential with Anahata

Since receiving a profound Divine Download in April of 2015, Anahata has taught thousands of people all around the world how to use the gift given to her: Anahata Codes. With Masterclass students in all regions of the world and dozens of Certified Anahata Code Practitioners, the Tribe of Lightworkers using the innate wisdom that we are connected to all things and can tap into and activate Assisting Frequencies from the Quantum domain (without the physical being required) has steadily grown. The Sacred Equation of Intention + the Heart Chakra + the Anahata Codes can transform and upgrade all aspects of your life and ripple to those around you.

It has the power to remap your Subconscious, align you in the NOW, and gracefully step into the future you desire.

Her book, Resonance Remembrance - The Art of Activating Assisting Frequencies and Evolutionary DNA is coming soon.

The profound effects of activating Assisting Frequencies arises through the unique way the Codes are channeled to deliver the 7 Tools of Restoration: Reflect, Release, Rewire, Replenish, Resonate, Reunite and Rejoice.


The personal transformation Anahata herself has experienced has been inspirational. She receives life-changing emails daily from her followers experiencing the same profound shifts.

Code Carriers (Anahata Code Technology users) have expressed not only mental and emotional shifts, but have activated dynamic healing through to the physical. Dubbed "The Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine" due to the way in which they work with the LOA to align you with your desires and remedy your concerns, the Anahata Codes are a cornerstone of the Remap with Codes Journey.  

A Quantum Leap in usage and application has been disclosed to Anahata. One that has been in the works for over four years and has manifested in Divine Timing.  The next evolution of this leading edge self-directed biological technology (Anahata Codes) is that it has the potential reprogram the subconscious mind to align with your goals so that all of you is on board with your potential. This progression has emerged and is being taught in her new 3-month journey: Remap with Codes: Become Your Desires.

Scroll down for all the details!

Looking for the Time Fractal


If you attended the Become Your Desires Training, you were given the password to unlock the Fractal Time Calculator.

If you want to receive the code, listen to the webinar to be given the password to download this tool.


Clarifying Journey

Remap with Codes


This program will be priced at $2,999 in the future but is being offered at an introductory price of just:




This brand-new 3-month series is hosted  by Anahata and delivers On Demand training combined with personal LIVE coaching and supplemental materials to round out comprehensive learning and implementation.

As any of the hundreds of Masterclass Students can attest to, working directly with Anahata is a life-changing experience, one which many students choose to repeat over and over again. 

This journey will empower you to go where you want in life. To experience the fullness of the life you've dreamed of. To set out on uncharted territories without your Ego mind sabotaging your efforts. You will be able to extend your comfort zone to include your greatest comfort and peace. Claim your life and create your own life map. Once that flows to you through perfect resonance and ease.

Finally, you will resonate with what you want, and end the habitual limitations running on the background which are preventing you from being a match to your desires.

The journey is housed in a convenient online Member Center which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

A combination of On Demand Training and recordings, supplemental materials, guides, and handouts, recorded Meditation/Activations, and weekly LIVE coaching rounds out the program. 

Let's take a quick look at each aspect.

On Demand Training 

  • Introductory Course: get you up to speed on a deep level into the science and process of the course method and work. 

  • How to Pull Codes: training on how to find the most effective Anahata Code for any concern or desire.

  • How to Remap Your Subconscious: A step-by-step how-to of the remapping process.

  • General Guided Medication Breathwork: To frame the activations which are facilitated for specific areas of your life and blocks.

  • Worksheets & Guides: a library of supporting documents and processes to implement the journey personally.

Weekly Coaching

  • Weekly Lessons: Delivered to your inbox

  • Weekly Meditations: Activations/ journeying/ meditations to implement the weeks lessons and processes

  • Weekly LIVE coaching call: with all program registrants to ask questions and get personal coaching from Anahata

Weekly Topics:

  • Change and our Desires (the Falling Out): 
    When you unalign with the old, something happens. The s*#t hits the fan. Your life seems to fall apart. But, what if it was actually falling together? Our Ego tells us to pull back from change, but change is required in order to experience and CREATE the new. Understanding how to ease into newness without self-sabotage is a core goal of remapping. Celebrating the extension of your comfort zone, even if it's not comfortable! You've got to experience the unalignment in order to align. Fire is transformation. Embrace the burn.

  • Time and our Desires:
    During this lesson, we explore the illusion of time, how it's actually non-linear, and the implications of this knowing to heal the past, in the NOW, for the future. What we feel in this moment (and are vibrating subconsciously in this moment) is paramount. In fact, there is no other reality. All is accessible inside of this infinite Now. When we extend to subconscious layers, anything is possible.

  • Layers and our Desires:
    We have two realities: internal and external. The internal made up of our Mental layers (thoughts) play a unique role in our magnetism. As do our Emotional (chemical reactions and gravitational pulling of what we experience). Yet another layer playing a role in what we experience is our Physical. We tend to only focus on Spiritual (higher consciousness) when it comes to the Law of Attraction, but doing so misses most of the boat (so to speak). During this lesson, we dive into the differences between our layers and the dimensions they exist in, so that we can fully understand our magnetism and use the information to empower us to align: mind, body and soul, with what we desire.

  • Planning for our Desires: 
    It's one thing to say we are going to "change" but entirely another to build new habits and actually follow through. This requires logistics and plannings. Let's get down to business. During this lesson I teach you about how to hold yourself accountable and provide processes and tangible tools to follow through. You can do this!

  • Remapping for Health:
    What core beliefs do you have which have manifested as health issues? What are the messages, how are they "helping" us by alerting us, and what can you do to align with vibrancy and balance. As if it is so. And it is. Or... it isn't. Let's explore during this lesson and supplement with a powerful activation.

  • Remapping for Relationships: 
    Relationships are the most personal mirrors we have, and the ones we like to shift the most blame and judgments upon. But since you're actually experiencing what you a perfect match to vibrationally, it's important to understand what your allowing, cultivating, and when its time to unplug (move on) from damaging cycles... or at least, set up new boundaries. Not attracting loving relationships? There's a Code for that too.

  • Remapping for Joy and Fulfillment: 
    The cliche that the grass is greener is perspective. We all have access to grass! But what about the weeds!? ...we can certainly make mountains out of mole hills. It's time to get real about joy and how to find it... while not making it wrong to not be there. Joy and fulfillment come when you cease to want things different than what they are... while knowing they are transforming into the BEST. When you can be satisfied in the now, and joyfully awaiting the future. Joy IS the journey.It's a choice... in every NOW moment. And you don't do yourself a service if you condemn when you're not there. Allow... in the now. And then... all will be... joyous! You will BE fulfilled.

  • Remapping for Abundance:
    You are abundant innately. The only way we experience lack is when we pinch off what is already ours. But it gets tricky, because as you focus upon opening up to what is already yours, you can get side-tracked by what "is" which isn't abundant and the cycle continues. Remapping to allow is the key. Feeling into what is already yours... and moving past the IS is the only way to align with what is already a vibrational reality: that you are wealthy. 

  • Remapping for Purpose:
    We are Creators... when we aren't creating, we feel dead. When we aren't fulfilling our purpose, we feel useless, unimportant, worthless, and our Core Fears trigger as inadequacy and pain. Finding your purpose or Dharma is required to settle into sustainable happiness. Whether or not we end up doing what we love for a living, or just as a hobby... sinking into what drives us and the unique Medicine we have is an important part of our expansion and clarifying journey.

    Guided Activations: We will address the 9 core limiting programs and pave a path to a desired outcomes. You will learn how to do this for any other program you have which you want to edit.


The 3-month clarifying journey includes the following support. Scroll above for specifics within each category.


On-Demand Training videos

Recorded Meditations and Activations

Guides, Handouts and Supplemental Materials

Weekly LIVE Coaching


On Demand access to all portions of the Journey - to replay and dive deeper as it suites your desire and schedule.


Supplemental guides and workbooks plus resources for you to expand and integrate the information being presented. 


Weekly personal coaching for a full 3-months!

Dive into any aspect of the journey with the other participants in a LIVE coaching call with Anahata.

Payment Plan


Don't let it block you from stepping into your power and stepping into the life you desire. 6 easy payments of $99 are available for immediate enrollment.

Just click on the payment plan button.

NOTE: When you pay in full ($499) using one of the "Register Now" buttons found throughout this page, you'll save $95 over the monthly payment plan total cost of $594.

God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will co-create for others. The new world is being birthed through you and your caring heart and I am grateful!

​© 2019 by Holly Hallowell


Disclaimer: Holly (Anahata) is not a doctor, she doesn't diagnose, correct or treat anything, and she's not a substitute for medical care. Anahata Codes do not imply or replace traditional healthcare.



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