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You're being called to remember who you are.

Survive or thrive?

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Social distancing and isolation pared with economic uncertainty have created a global-pausing. Beyond the illusion of chaos, we are all seeking our own inner order. 

As the old systems which are no longer sustainable are forced to evolve, we are also being asked to reinvent ourselves. The perception of chaos is being exploited by those in control who are hoping you become more reliant on them. While many are allowing their fears to take over, many of us are awakening to the truth that we must become more self-sufficient.

As the world is confronted with a massive shift in consciousness, it can be quite unsettling to realize the structures you've relied upon could crumble at any moment. Now is the time to remember how the Universe works in order to flow with your highest path rather than one of fear, doubt, and disorder. 

We are going through a rapid transformation

Not just on a spiritual level, but on a biological one. With new technology being rolled out without consideration of its effects on a human's body or psychology, we must empower ourselves to activate our natural defense mechanisms and evolutionary processes to not only survive but thrive.

It's time to lift the veil of confusion, fear, and separation, and emerge as your Sovereign (and worthy!) self. The self that is beyond the persona (and not the Ego). The highest expression of who you truly are in order to get on with your Soul Mission and Potent Purpose in this time of great Global Transformation into unification.

Remembering the Journey


We came into this portion of space-time at a pivotal time of evolutionary growth and expansion. In order to survive, we must remember who we truly are and choose to take back our power. 

NOW is the time.

The memory we will explore during this Workshop includes:

  • The dynamics of your journey and the cyclical flow

  • How to upgrade your "junk DNA" into expressions capable of handling the new vibrational realities of our planet

  • The path to optimal well being and satisfaction

  • Quantum tools that are available to support you in writing your own story and taking back your power

  • How to broaden your brush strokes and color palette to include new vibrational 'vocabulary' which strengthens all aspects of your life

  • PLUS: I'll be installing a special Code during the workshop that supports your personal transformation AND the entire Earth - holding within it the resonance to activate powerful timelines

Whether you're new to Quantum self-mastery, or curious about ways to improve your life during challenging times, join me for this life-changing event that will set you firmly on your path to evolution. This workshop is for Frequency Alchemists of all phases of growth. You will receive the layering of the message you are ready for, and make use of the content in the most productive way for you in your current circumstance and vantage.

The upgrade is happening. We are being asked to step up and remember who we are.

See you in the workshop.

God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will facilitate for others. The new world is being birthed through you and I am grateful!



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