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Anahata Codes Webinar

Learn about your Source Point and the keys it holds for health, fulfillment, abundance, and ascension.

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yes! I'll be there!

Are you feeling the collective shifts we're experiencing on Earth but it's leaving you confused, distracted, uncomfortable or even overwhelmed? Did you know that there is one universal fix to all mental, spiritual, emotional and physical dis-ease and discomfort? It's been given many names but we are all talking about the same thing; The Source Point.


"Your Source Point is the sacred space in your physical being which is connected to God, the Universe, and all things. When you are aligned with it by releasing and allowing fear-based vibrations to transmute, what is left is your true self. You are able to experience life as a powerful co-creator with gratitude and Grace. The best part is, to come into alignment, all we have to do is choose unconditional love and drop fear and we were already made this way. It is who we truly are." ~ Anahata


Join me for the upcoming webinar where we explore the Source Point and how to come into alignment:


Monday April 25th at Noon MST (Mountain)

Tuesday April 26th at 7pm MST (Mountain)


What's this all about? Please attend to find out... but in a nutshell:


The Earth is ascending into a new dimension as people awaken and align. This can be uncomfortable for the majority if you are unclear how to navigate this ever-changing and evolving landscape. Join me for an hour-long webinar where I will explain where this point is physically and how by aligning with it, you align with the best possible experiences, thoughts, and blessings. 

Guru's, spiritual leaders, and even nutritionists have all be saying the same thing for millennia: balance is the key.


But what is the key to balance? The answer is non-physical and may surprize you.


I believe it is aligning with the part of you which is unified with the whole of creation. You're entanglement with God, the universe and all things.


Are you ready to explore a healing, transforming, aligning, and freeing way to live? To broadcast and align with unconditional love and in doing so, align with abundance and well-being on all levels?


Join me for the Source Point Convergence Webinar.

Register above and join either April 25th or 26th



FREE Webinar Training
“Source Point Convergence - Align with Source for Abundance and Health on All Levels”


Here’s just a peek at why I put this ground-breaking webinar together:

  • To share with you what your Source Point is and why and how to align with it

  • To help you understand what’s happening to the Earth right now and how things are changing

  • To share with you the self-directed biological tool which can assist you during this transition/evolution (and it's free!)

  • To make a very special and life-changing announcement!

  • To invite you to the 21 Day Transformation Cycle which begins on May 1st


Are you ready to harness your true power and embrace your best life by aligning with your highest self?


All attendees will receive the most current version of the Anahata Codes.


Remember, you are here, you are loved,

P.S. Please cast off the first fear-based shackle of separation when it comes to the image above. I am a non-denominational disciple of Christ. You are on your own path. This is for anyone who loves and is not targeting religion. This does not mean the Sacred froms of Love don't have a place in it. Imagine the image as whatever brings you closest to Creator. Release the dogma of religion.



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