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- The Code Quests -

22 Mythic Journeys to Write Your Life

Are you ready to access the ink that creates your world and actuate your full potential? This quest is about broadening the depth of essences used to craft your best life.

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Weekly Journey Terrain Explained:

Each week, we will dive into and activate the bounty available to us through Assisting Frequencies during these live sessions. If you can not attend the event live or it is in replay, you can listen back in replay immediately following the presentation at a time that is convenient for you.

Once the journey is over, you can return and muscle-test (or heart test) to see which message is important for you to hear again (as needed). The journey is ever unfolding and this resource will continue to grow with you.

"Myths have such power because they are full of archetypes. Archetypes are many things--primal forms, codings of the deep unconscious, constellations of psychic energy, patterns of relationship. Our ancestors saw them in the heavens, prayed to them as Mother Earth, Father Ocean, Sister Wind. They were the great relatives from whom we derived, and they gave us not only our existence, but also prompted our stories, elicited our moral order. Later, they became personified in mythic characters and their stories--the contending brothers, the holy child, the search for the beloved, the heroic journey. As major organs of the psyche, archetypes give us our essential connections, and without them we would lose the gossamer bridge that joins spirit with nature, mind with body, and self with the metabody of the universe. Archetypes are organs of Essence, the cosmic blueprints of How It All Works. Because they contain so much, archetypes bewilder analysis and perhaps can only be known by direct experience. Thus, in the journey of transformation, as we participate in these symbolic dramas, we actively engage in archetypal existence. For not only do we form a powerful sense of identity with the archetypal character, but this mythic being becomes an aspect of ourselves writ large, and symbolic happenings appear with undisguised relevance, not only for our own lives and problems, but for the remaking of society as well. Working with myth and archetype, we discover that we are characters in the drama of the Anima Mundi, the Soul of the World. In this discovery we push the boundaries of our own human story and gain the courage to live mythically ourselves and to help heal our world." - Jean Houston


Explore the Code Quests You'll Have Access to:


Journey One: Defining the Author within

Mission: Unification, Taking Back Your Power, Lightening Up

Codes Facilitated: 

Your Totem Animal: Your "familiar" aspect that will journey with you to support unification, lightness, and empowerment.
Your Star Code: The anthem of your transformation, you will be given a special layering of powers to Activate the Author within and rise up to live your best life.
Your Divine Feminine Guide: The Archetype you magnetize will reveal to you the wisdom you are yearning for and the purpose you seek. All aspects of the Divine Feminine fractal are directly available through activation and alignment with your personal Divine Feminine Guide (which is an aspect of you that will align you with your strength, ingenuity, and greatness as co-creator of your life).


Remembering the Journey, we open the pallet of potential and frame our Sacred Quest together. Ours is a drama played out on the stage of life. When we can understand the dynamics of our Creator self, we can gracefully ascend beyond the illusion of Ego and into the limitlessness which awaits our activation. Essentially: Lighten up and take back our power.

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Journey Two: Hearing the Calling

Mission: Rewire, Clarify, Tune-in.

Codes Facilitated: 

Code from Inner Child: Restoration of Inner Child empowerment, acceptance, and healing of old wounds so that you can end the cycles that don't serve you which are based on the past are distracting you from your Magnificence. 
Code from Future Best Self: Your best future is a vibrational reality. It literally exists. This Code will activate alignment with the future self you desire and put you in direct connection with how to get there. 


We feel it deep within our bones and yet, beyond all physicality: the calling of our Soul. Sometimes it's a whisper, and other times a primal yell, but we are being asked to enter into our fullness and answer our Sacred Calling. We can't hear it if we are in response mode or avoiding inner patterns that don't serve us. We need to free up the drama energy and transmute it into alignment with where we WANT to go rather than where we have been. This journey will support the understanding and recognition of attuning to your higher self. Essentially: End the distractions so that you can hear the calling.

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Journey Three: Fearing the Calling

Mission: Presence, Fearlessness, Desire.

Codes Facilitated: 

Limiting Belief: What is the limiting belief that is most affecting your ability to live joyfully in the now moment as you simultaneously become a match to your future best self?

Crop Circle: The crop circle design and activation will empower you to be present, non-attached, motivated, inspired, and accepting of the IS with grateful anticipation and mastery of what will become.


As we emerge and begin, we are met with fear of the unknown. Various hesitations and the perception of obstacles arise which make our journey into fullness seem less appealing when we weren't taking steps to actualize. The Ego Mind can even convince us not to bother trying at all. Self-sabotage is merely optimization data so that we may replace our limiting beliefs with ones that allow our journey to proceed. 

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Journey Four: Calling In Your Soul Family

Mission: Intention and amplification, Mastermind Flow and Ingenuity, Comfort, joy and understanding, and Clarity of Vision/Accountability.​

Codes Facilitated:
And they will know you by: The code you choose can be

used to either facilitate the above: Power of Intention

amplification, Mastermind Flow & Ingenuity, Comfort, joy

and understanding, and Clarity of Vision and Accountability.

OR… A sign, symbol, feeling, thought, circumstance,

awareness of the Code you chose will serve as confirmation that you have found someone in your Soul Family or that they are asking you to come forth to them. 

And you will know them by: This is the Code which will “speak for you”. It will go before you to clarify your resonance and crystalize the offering of your presence within the group setting that it would most benefit.  


When we leave the nest of the known, and things begin to get interesting, we find that we are not alone. There are others that are at the same corner of their own Fractals experiencing similar desires and similar concerns. Our Soul Family begins to flocks to us through the magnetism of our singular song of freedom. 

Zooming out we see that they were already always a part of us. And although we could feel them, now they appear physically providing much strength and motivation. 

Gathering increases our comfort and the likelihood that we will keep moving forward on our Quest. We aren’t alone! Nor should we feel alone. There are others that get it. That will stand with you. That want to grow with you. And you must find them. 

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Journey Five: Getting Past the Guard

It seems, just when we get some momentum going, and we find ourselves at the threshold of emergence, there is a block. We must first get past the Guardian at the Gate. When we can realize that the Guardian is us and that the blocks are merely inner and outer echoes of the past, we can call back the fragmented aspects of our Soul. We can end the negative self-talk and edit the mirroring of the external lack of support.  Because when we are being completely honest with ourselves, the only things holding us back are self-imposed reactions to external conditions, and self-imposed definitions set up on the inside. The moment we understand that the world is reflecting back to us the things we identify with and those we push away; we can finally begin to decipher the aspects of self that align with who we truly are. And, rather than denying and judging the things we deem as undesirable, we can lovingly accept it all. It is without this judgment that we can then rise above attachments or associations to live in harmony with it all. We unlock the gates which were mere illusions due to the false separations we set up inside of our minds, and that was expressed externally as validation.

Journey Six: Into the Womb Within

Having gathered all the nuggets of information that you need thus far on your journey, it is time to enter a cave of solitude. Gestation in being and nothing to "do". A time to allow things to form from the abyss of possibility to emerge as new. In this silence, you will be replenished. Through Divine connection, your Potent Purpose and evolutionary contribution will be magnetized due to being open and on the same wavelength for your unique expression. What do you want to be, and what will it take to resonate with that reality? Code Quest Six: Into the Womb Within will answer.

Journey Seven: Awaken to Supernatural Allies

With the limiters and distractions evolved, and your eyes set on your Desire, you can boldly step forth with the wind at your back. Supernatural allies will support you when you're in the flow of highest good. Miracles and ease at your fingertips through surrender to your calling and the path of least resistance.

Journey Eight: Crossing the Threshold Into Fullness

Here you have arrived. That which was once a mere dream has materialized in the flesh and you are able to celebrate it with your senses. But do you? Do you truly celebrate each moment for it’s fullness? Or are you already on to the next thing? When you can realize that the journey was just as fulfilling as the destination (if not more so) you can become fully present in the NOW, and that presence is powerful for it is not split amongst the past or the future. There is power in the now. And that Now is PRESENCE. And if you are present in the NOW, you ARE the presence… and that is extraordinarily powerful. 

Journey Nine: The Cycle Begins Again

No sooner had you arrived at your destination and another journey is eminent. This is LIFE and you cannot escape change. When there is no movement, things stagnate. You can’t deny the inner askings you have for more. No matter what level of life you are at or the things you’ve achieved, you will always be met with challenges that you must rise up to meet if you want to reach the next level. But here’s the thing, the next level doesn’t always look or feel like some romanticized adventure, in fact, it can look a whole lot like the same old shit you just dealt with. There is hope. In fact, it is what drives us forward into motivation and out of victimhood. Let's get some grit and determination activated and much needed replenishment.  

Journey Ten: Awakening the Alchemist Within

When you change the energy, you transform the manifestation of the mass. Whether it be vibrant health, a loving relationship, meaningful contribution, time freedom, money freedom, peace and joy, creativity, and adventure, it all awaits your allowance. By understanding the great gift we've been given to choose and mold our lives, we can awaken the Alchemist within and begin to step up into our mastery, fully awake, and empowered. It begins with understanding the Four Pillars of Reality and the process of life itself. 


While working with your own magic through the forces of the Universe is WHAT an Alchemist does, and what we’ll be doing in upcoming Quests, the basic memory of the fact that you are Wizard of your World is first step required to awaken the memory that you are one in the first place.


So where do you get your wisdom? Who are you? You are an expression of raw potential of course. From the limitlessness of all that was, will be, and all that every will be. This is the matrix. This is the Ether. Know as many things. We shall call it Akasha.

Journey Eleven: Mastering Mentalism

The first of Seven Hermetic Laws, we'll dive deep into the constructs of our reality and how to get "ahead" of the vibrational curve through this understanding. It all begins in the mental plane of existence and the raw components materialize in response to that focus and intention. The ALL is mental, and your mastery unfolds when you really get how it works. You can begin to create things purposefully and allow them to come into being.

Journey Twelve: Leveraging Correspondence 

As above, so below. As within, so without. The world is you pushed out. When we realize the fractal nature of our reality, we can zoom in and out with purpose and filter any distraction or fear into potential and opportunity. When we leverage the Law of Correspondence, we unify in deep ways that provide deeper access to more colors to paint our world.

Journey Thirteen: Activating Purposeful Vibration 

We can't experience something that is outside of our identity. When we are experiencing issues in our lives or just can't seem to manifest the things we desire (be it health, freedom, love, or wealth) it has to do with what we are vibrating. The electromagnetic energy signature you are emitting can be put together consciously and we can activate any template we aspire to.

Journey Fourteen: Embracing Polarity 

When working with this Law, all obstacles become optimization data. We can easily shift into balance as we become aware of the degree we are choosing on the scale we are experiencing. It begins with interpretation and then consciously cleansing the limiting beliefs holding our vibration at the point which feels uncomfortable. 

Journey Fifteen: Rhythm and Flow

Flow occurs when we can maximize the Law of Rhythm. As we become aware and used to shifting within the path of least resistance, a deep faith and peace fills our lives. We can ebb and flow with natural processes which then appear to be a sort of power through confirmations and synchronicities. Alchemists always appear magical when they are really just using natural laws rather than being used by it. We can learn to leverage reliable forces to our individual and collective advantage simply by observing flow and rhythm and choosing where to dip in. When we can sense timing through intuition and presence, the cycles of time working in our favor as Divine Timing it can be relied upon and utilized as the powerful governing force it is.

Journey Sixteen: Mindful of Cause and Effect 

It's easy to see the progression of things when looking backward upon the lessons and synergies of our past; it's not so easy when looking forward. When you can understand and use the Law of Cause and Effect, you can begin to co-create in advanced ways. Since any cause can be traced back to an internal choice point, when we get better at transforming causes that don't serve us, through looking at them in empowering ways, we can see the ripple effect working for our highest good which further validates our Sovereignty and builds confidence as the Source of your experiences.

Journey Seventeen: The Power of Gender

Everything has a gender and the Masculine and Feminine must be in balance for optimal well being and expansion. In this Code Quest, we'll explore the Yin and Yang of life and overlay it in practical ways that will allow you to not only Dream but actuate those dreams to maximize your fulfillment.

Journey Eighteen: Be it to See it

A journey to develop your inner resources through the Art of Imagination and alignment with what is to be, before it arrives. Let's get good at placing ourselves into the identities we desire. It will take a combination of a few important things to truly create the space and conditions to emerge as the future you that you seek.

Journey Nineteen: Gratitude in the Eternal Now

Nothing aligns you with a future you haven't yet experienced more quickly than focusing on the blessings in your life. Gratitude makes you a match to abundance and blessings. We'll explore the Eternal Now moment and the reality that we'll always be a work in progress. When we can get good at the waiting for what we want we can build an autotelic life in which the journey is as satisfying as the destination. After all, we'll never get there and will always have our sights on the next thing.

Journey Twenty: Step up as the Author of your Life

Embody your Mythic self and seek to surround yourself with the people, places, and things that support your Vision. Try on various Archetypes and begin to create a new avatar as sole Author of your entire life. 

Journey Twenty-One: Discovering Your Potent Purpose 

With your three brains aligned (subconscious, conscious, and superconscious), and any fear distractions filtered, you're ready to follow your inner nudging. The energy saved will allow inspiration to flow. Passion arises through curiosity and you can begin to look at things in a new way that activates deep purpose and meaningful contribution: for yourself, for the planet, and for Creator.

Journey Twenty-Two: Emerging into Magnificence 

A rite of passage as we complete the Code Quest journey and prepare to emerge from our cumulative transformation over the last 6 months. A new role has emerged during our time together and it calls for a grand celebration as we complete one phase on our endless journey and prepare to set out into the next adventure.

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God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will facilitate for others. The new world is being birthed through you and I am grateful!



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