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You can do more than you think. Let's remember together.

Response is key.

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FACT: Over 3x as many people die PER DAY from starvation than the TOTAL deaths due to Covid-19.

FACT: Fear suppresses your immune system and intuition.

FACT: When in a state of panic you are more susceptible to brainwashing and control.

FACT: The Coronavirus has been around for years and has just recently morphed into the strain we see as such a 'threat' today.

FACT: 99.99% of everything is energy and information, solid mass accounts for a mere .01% of 'physicality'

FACT: Your body doesn't know the difference between what you think is happening and what is actually happening, which means the ALL is mental.

Distillation: Fear is the viral component we must each recognize and work to resolve within ourselves. Coherence is achievable and in fact, is our natural state of being. When we elevate ourselves, we support our body's healing systems and become equipped to remain healthy and or heal if we do get the virus. When we activate Assisting Frequencies within and project them onto the webbing (grid) that circulates the globe, we bring immediate resolution and a return to wholeness. The structures in our world that need to crumble are, and a last-ditch effort to keep us numb and outside of our power is being launched out of their fear of losing "control". A new age is dawning and this is a time of great celebration. It's time to nurture yourself during this grand Remembrance. Your light can do so much! 

Coronavirus Transmutation Gridwork


If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, you should consider attending this free Gridwork Ceremony:

  • What if I get sick and my loved ones do too?

  • How can I get by without TP (but seriously, insert basics that can't be found)?

  • How long can I stay inside my house before it's safe to go outside?

  • How will I continue to get paid if I can't get to work?

  • Why is this happening!?

  • How intense will the Governmental 'control' get?

The clarity we will explore during the Ceremony includes:

  • Quantum tools that are available to support your immune system and lower your stress response.

  • The real cause for concern (not the virus!): FEAR and how to remain in a centered place of peace and optimism despite external mayhem.

  • The nature of time and dimension jumping (aka 'evolving' past the 'reach' of Covid-19)

  • Projecting coherence (heart to brain communication) within and onto the global ley lines to speed up and enhance this transition into higher planes of existence.

Whether you're skeptical or all-in, curious or if you know that you can make a huge difference, join me for this

a life-changing event that has the power to transmute the virus out of our current timeline and spur a revolution of empowerment. What is gridwork? The practice of alchemy (conversion of something to something new) through micro to macro energetics. In English, we resolve within and project to our world (which in turn makes it so) and we use a lot of cool techniques to do so.

The upgrade is happening. You can make it so.

See you at the Ceremony.

God bless you on your path to wholeness and that which you will facilitate for others. The new world is being birthed through you and I am grateful!



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