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Anahata Codes Webinar

Learn How to focus on and align with what you want, and not what you don't want

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The Universe does not give you what you ask for. It gives you what you are vibrationally aligned with. This is vibrational law. If you want to change something, you must stop focusing on it and instead, become the vibrations which align with the things you want. Ghandi was right, we should each strive to be the change we seek in the world, but beyond that, to manifest what you desire physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we must:





Do you have habitual thoughts of lack, dis-ease, or pain?


Is your current situation preventing you from seeing past it vibrationally as much as you try to affirm or say it's changing?


Do you understand the Law of Attraction but can't seem to snap out of your current story? 


You are not alone.


Be the vibrations you want to experience

"Our thoughts, feelings, and actions create our realities. It's time to care about the way we feel. You are a powerful co-creator who is still creating if even unconsciously. It's time to take back your power and align with love-based frequencies and allow the fear-based ones to atrophy and fade away."  - Anahata


Join me for the upcoming webinar (you choose) where we explore these life-changing questions and the solutions:


Tuesday March 29th

7 pm MST (Mountain)


What's this all about? Please attend to find out... but in a nutshell:


I've developed a cutting-edge technique which will allow you to not only understand and focus on what you want, but vibrationally align with it.


Attendees will receive this new tool (not previously released to the public):

The Zipline Convergence Tool!

March 29th at 7pm MST



FREE Webinar Training
“The Zipline Convergence Tool: Consciously Focus & Align”


Here’s just a peek at what I’ll be covering in this ground-breaking webinar:

  • The truth about the Law of Attraction

  • How your thoughts and feelings manifest your reality

  • Why you seem to be getting the opposite of what you want and how to fix it

  • How to align with the things you want and stop focusing on what you don't want

  • The Zipline Convergence tool: what it is and how using it can help you manifest with Grace and gratitude


Convergence can be defined as a coordinated movement towards unity. And, when you consciously focus on aligning with what you want instead of what you don't, you begin to resonate with things you want and in turn, manifest your goals not your fears.


All attendees will receive The Zipline Convergence Tool and a special invitation to join an exclusive program lead by Anahata to put this knowledge into full effect.


Remember, you are here, you are loved,

P.S. Are you doing the same things and getting the same results? It's time to move forward with clarity about how to consciously co-create with Grace and gratitude. The only thing standing between you and abundance, health, love, and everything you desire are your habitual fear-based vibrations. There are ways to break free. I'm excited to show you some!



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