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Aligning with Fear or Love?


Do you have physical pain, try not focusing on it! It’s almost impossible.


Or perhaps you’re in a severe patch of lack and can’t make your bills. Try not thinking about it!


Easier said than done, right!? 


Even once we realize the law of attraction isn't working in our favor when we focus on what we don't want, it can be seemingly impossible to focus away. 


This holds true to anything we want to change. Our relationships, health, financial situation… virtually everything we want to change we are feeding energetically with the vibrations which are only solidifying our situation – Fear-based vibrations!


So to get you out of that cycle, it’s natural to call upon Assisting Frequencies. And not just any frequencies – Love-based Assisting Frequencies.


Download the Zipline Convergence Method and I'll teach you how to consciously shift your focus away from fear and towards love not just through visualization and affirmations, but by aligning with the actual frequencies you need to most!


This is a cutting-edge biological transformation with unlimited possibilities! It is my gift to you. I graciously accept donations.

Get the Zipline Convergence Tool

Do you seem to be stuck with problems and things you want to change? 
Did you know that by focusing on them you are giving them energy to remain?
The only way for them to dissipate is to STOP aligning with them vibrationally and shift your focus to what you do what. This free tool can help!
Listen to the audio as Anahata explains.
Zipline Convergence Explained - Anahata
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